Love Island bombshell Lolly Hart has some serious TOWIE connections

Best bombshell name EVER

lolly hart

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HOW do Love Island producers still have bombshells waiting in the wings? Aren't we almost all gamed out?

Apparently not, as a new blonde bombshell will enter the Love Island 2024 villa tonight and she's friends with basically the entire TOWIE cast.

Hopefully, she dropped them a line ahead of time for some last-minute advice on s**t stirring.

Lolly, is that you?
Lolly, is that you? ©©ITV

Lolly Hart will enter the villa solo tonight, 24 hours after four Islanders – including OG Jess White – were brutally dumped from the villa, and she's apparently friends with former TOWIE stars Tom Pearce, Liam 'Gatsby' Blackwell and Ricky Rayment IRL.


Liam 'Gatsby' Blackwell
Lolly is apparently friends with former TOWIE star, Liam 'Gatsby' Blackwell ©Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Who is Lolly Hart?

Lolly is a Love Island 2024 bombshell.

Lolly (maybe) enters the villa
Lolly (maybe) enters the villa ©©ITV

How old is Lolly Hart?

According to our Instagram stalking, Lolly is 30 years old - if that's true, WHAT IS HER SECRET?

What does Lolly Hart do for a living?

She is a flight attendant for Virgin Atlantic, an influencer and a soon-to-be reality star.

When is Lolly Hart entering the Love Island villa?

Lolly's first scenes air on Thursday 11 July. She enters the villa and whisks Joey Essex off an a date to the Hideaway Retreat.

In an attempt to turn his head, Lolly tells Joey, "I think your personality and my personality would go together to a tee, but I have got something to say… you’ve kinda gone back in your shell a little bit from the beginning, please correct me if I’m wrong. I feel like you’re jokey, laughy and fun but since you’ve been with Jessy, she’s a gorgeous, gorgeous girl, she’s naturally beautiful but I don’t know if there’s something missing between you both…”

Is Lolly Hart on Instagram?

Obv. You can follow the new Love Island queen at @lollyhart_.

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