Love Island 2024’s Ciaran Davies: his age, his job, and what he has in common with Tom Clare

The Welsh rugby player was this year's first rumoured Islander

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Closer has met winter Love Island 2023 star turned All Stars winner Tom Clare a fair few times over the last year and a bit, and as happy we are that has found love in the form of Molly Smith, we're a bit sad at the fact that we're probably never going to see his impressive stature saunter into the villa again.

Sad face emoji.

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Worse still, we're probably never going to see the winter Love Island 2023 bombshell take part in Love Island's steamy Heart Rate Challenge again.

That's exclusively reserved for the eyes of Miss Smith now...

Tom Clare
It's safe to say this look is cemented in our memories forevermore ©ITV

Crying face emoji.

Cue Love Island producers casting a legit Tom Clare doppelgänger for Love Island 2024 and suddenly we feel a little bit better. If not, at least slightly distracted from our grief.

And Welsh rugby hunk Ciaran Davies is currently coupled with Harriett Blackmore, who is basically a Molly Smith lookalike. Seriously, just look at this pic and TRY and tell us you don't see Molly (maybe with a touch of TOWIE's Ella Barnes) and Tom sitting by fire pit...

Harriet and Ciaran
Harriet and Ciaran ©©ITV

We knew Love Island casting were always on the lookout for a specific look (i.e. exact doppelgängers of last year's series) for the ITV show, but COME ON.

Ciaran was one of the first Islanders rumoured to be entering the villa. Last month, a source told The Sun, "Ciaran caught the eye of Love Island bosses immediately.

"He's gorgeous with a fit athletic build that will send the girls in the villa wild, but he's also a sweet boy next door from Wales to boot.

The source continued, "He's the kind of lad you could happily take home to your mum.

"He's been in talks with bosses for weeks and is set to jet out to the villa in Majorca in the coming week or so."

Ciaran Davies
Ciaran Davies ©©ITV

Who is Love Island's Ciaran Davies?

Ciaran is an Islander taking part in Love Island series 11. He was one of the first rumoured contestants.

How old is Love Island's Ciaran Davies?

He is 21 years old.

Where is Love Island's Ciaran Davies from?

The rugby hunk is from Pencoed, South Wales.

What does Love Island's Ciaran Davies do for a living?

He is a surveyor and a local rugby player.

Who is Love Island's Ciaran Davies coupled up with?

Ciaran is currently coupled up with Harriett Blackmore.

What is Love Island's Ciaran Davies looking for in a partner?

Prior to entering the Love Island villa, Ciaran told producers, "Obviously looks but humour is a big thing for me, I’m a bit of a wind up so I want a girl who can give it back. Loyalty is another one for me, I think that’s the most important thing to look for in a relationship."

Ciaran ©©ITV

Is Ciaran Davies on Instagram?

Yep, you can follow Ciaran at @ciarandaviesss.

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