Victoria Beckham tells Meghan Markle: ‘You need to show people the real you’

Victoria Beckham has been supporting her pal Meghan Markle over a decision that could finally end the backlash against her

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Their friendship appeared stronger than ever when Meghan Markle made a very public move to support pal Posh’s ailing fashion label by wearing two of her designs this month.

It came nine months after she reportedly left Posh “mortified” and “hurt” when she accused her of leaking stories about her, prompting Prince Harry to confront her husband, David, about the claims. As Closer reported in February, the pair managed to heal the rift, meeting up in person in Canada.

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Meghan wearing a Victoria Beckham dress earlier this year ©Getty Images

Insiders reveal the two have now been growing closer and supporting each other. Despite Meghan, 39, and Harry, 36 – who have faced negative publicity recently – shooting down rumours they will film a reality show after signing a £112m deal with Netflix, pals say Posh, 46, has encouraged her friend to seriously consider the idea of sharing more of their private lives.

Ahead of the Beckham family’s move to LA in 2007, Posh starred in a part-spoof, part-reality TV special, Coming To America, which insiders at the time said was a bid to boost her public image. And it wasn’t her first foray into reality TV. In 2000, she filmed Victoria’s Secrets, followed by Being Victoria Beckham, which charted the release of her debut solo album in 2002.

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David and Victoria at Meghan and Harry's wedding ©Getty Images

A source says, “Vic has always benefited from showing the public the ‘real’ her and highlighting her dry sense of humour. She enjoys how surprised they are when they see that, despite her seemingly stern appearance and failure to crack a smile in public, she doesn’t take herself too seriously and will be the first one to mock herself – which has helped boost her likeability and reputation over the years.

“She’s urged Meghan to shut down the critics and prove her authenticity by showing the side only her loved ones get to see and to reveal the real her.

“She’s also told Meghan it could make people think twice before attacking her and tug on their heartstrings by showing the public how deeply the backlash affects her and Harry on an emotional level.”

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Harry, Meghan and their son Archie ©Getty Images

Posh and husband David – who is reportedly in talks with Netflix to make a film about his life – documented their move to Spain in 2003 with their sons, Brooklyn, now 21, and Romeo, now 17, before Cruz, 15, and Harper, nine, were born. They then allowed cameras back into their home again three years later, to go behind the scenes at their Full Length & Fabulous World Cup party, which was screened on TV.

Following their move to Meghan’s native LA in March, the royal couple reportedly hired the Beckhams’ former Hollywood aide, Rebecca Mostow, to help run their new lives, before relocating up the coast to Montecito, where they have recently purchased an £11.4m estate.

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Victoria Beckham, 1997

The artist formerly known as Posh Spice has never been one to shy away from baring the flesh. She had A-cup breasts on her frame back in the '90s.

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David and Victoria in 2003 ©Getty Images

During David’s professional football career, he and Posh uprooted their lives first in 2003 to live in Spain and then again in 2007 to California, before the family returned to the UK in 2013.

And amid reports that Harry has been struggling to settle into his new life in America, pals say Posh and David have been offering words of support.

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The source says, “Vic and David know how tough it is to move to a new country and all the uncertainties and anxiety that Harry will no doubt be facing, so that’s something they’ve bonded over too. It has also helped to heal any tension between Harry and David.”

Closer recently revealed that Posh credited the lockdown to spicing up her and David’s 21-year marriage – two years after they were forced to shoot down divorce rumours.

And pals say the mum of four has been helping Meghan ensure she and Harry don’t crack under the pressure of the speculation they have also faced during their two-year marriage.

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The source says, “Vic and Meghan talk a lot about marriage – taking advice from each other and opening up about the difficulties of navigating a relationship in the glare of the spotlight.

“Vic says watching how strong Meghan and Harry have been throughout everything they’ve faced over the past two years has inspired her and David. It’s so refreshing to have someone who understands what it’s like to have so much speculation about your relationship, as well as constant criticism and backlash.

“Vic has reassured her that you do really get used to it and it’s why she thinks it’s a good idea to show the more human side to her in a TV show and win the public’s affection that way.”

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