Love Island’s Alexandra Cane posts new photo of face following SHOCKING laser facial

alexandra cane

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Alexandra Cane's shared her latest facial update

Love Island fans were shocked over the weekend when Alexandra Cane shared a video on Instagram of her face covered in scabs after a facial treatment.

Now the reality star has updated her followers with a new picture of her face and although it still looks sore, it's definitely doesn't look as painful as before.

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alexandra cane
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Sharing the snap on Instagram, she wrote: "Current face update for those asking!"

Last weekend the 27-year-old star revealed the real reason behind her expensive laser facial treatment, she said: "This the current state of skin, it looks quite bloody. It’s starting to scab over now but all is good according to my consultant.

"Hopefully in a few days all of this scabbing should start peeling off. The most sore part is my eyes, but the rest of my skin feels pretty good."

alexandra cane facial
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She went on to say: "I used to suffer with a skin condition called impetigo where I used to get blisters on my skin that would pus and take ages to scab over.

"I would pick at them and was then left with scarring and uneven skin."

After fans rushed to private message her with concerns she reassured them and said: "This is how my skin is meant to look at the moment, please don’t worry, all is fine."

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In other Alexandra Cane news, the TV star has responded to rumours that she's dating Love Island 2016 contestant Rykard Jenkins.

After the pair reportedly "couldn't keep their hands off each other" during a night out in Manchester, everyone thought the pair were officially an item.

However Alexandra has now spoken out and denied the reports, on Twitter she wrote: "Seems like every guy I’m pictured next to is a 'love interest'... Can a male and female not just be friends? 😩🤷🏻‍♀️"

Well that's that then.

Alexandra may still be single by Dr Alex has revealed he has a girlfriend and she's appeared in another TV show.

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