The best shapewear leggings to perfect your curves

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Best shapewear leggings

by Ruby Barry |

Let us start off by quoting the legendary Ms Lady Gaga - "Baby - you were born this way 🙌". We here at Closer love to celebrate all bodies of all different shades, shapes and sizes. It's 2022 people, we're done with stupid diets and detoxes already.

However, we are all still human, and we all still have our insecurities, and that's ok. If you're feeling a bit insecure about bloating, your stomach or your legs this summer, Closer is here to support you with the best shapewear leggings to buy online.

If you are looking for leggings that hug your figure and sculpt your curves without any bulges, shapewear is your knight in shining armour. Kim Kardashian is the current reigning master of shapewear with her famous brand SKIMS, with bodysuits, leggings and shorts. SKIMS is popular for a reason - it's life-changing stuff, and the reviews are raving.

SKIMS is a gorgeous brand, but it can be a little bit on the expensive side. Not all of us want to splash out our cash on leggings. So, we've got a guide to the best shapewear leggings to buy online, which includes SKIMS, but also a ton of amazing budget-friendly products from Amazon, John Lewis and M&S.

Does shapewear actually work?

Heck yeah. Shapewear has become extremely popular over the last couple of years because of its ability to contain and accentuate your curvy features without having to do a million workouts at the gym. It takes the idea of a simple garment such as pants or bras and elevates it with a combination of sinching. Also, if you're wearing anything over top, it has a seam-free design, meaning no bumps or lines under your dress.

Shapewear that actually works: the best shapewear leggings to buy online in 2022


Game-changing shapewear leggings to buy 2022

SKIMS Sculpting Leggings
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CREDIT: skims

Part of the official SKIMS Shapewear collection, these sculpting leggings are the G.O.A.T. With targeted compression for shaping and sculpting- they lift your butt and provide tummy control.

Pros: These come in a variety of colours to suit any skin tone, and you can buy matching bras, bralettes and socks.

Cons: Some reviews state the fabric is very thin, so would be suited to wear under things like jeans or dresses - not by themselves. The fit can also be a bit tricky, so make sure to measure yourself thoroughly to get the right size.

Review: "I've been waiting for a longer version of the sculpt legging - these are perfect under jeans or any long pants. They hide the cellulite and smooth my hips. They are not as tight as the shorter-length sculpt leggings - which I like as it's easier to put on. I got the S/M. I'm 165cm and 65kg."

M&S COLLECTION  Magic Shaping High Waisted Leggings
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These M&S high-waisted leggings are made with patented Magicwear™ material and come in either black or navy. These are perfect if you're looking for a more affordable dupe of SKIMS because the "stretch fabric pulls you in while clever stitching lifts your bottom for a sculpted silhouette". Yay to pert bums. The thick waistband also holds your waist.

Pros: A super affordable piece of shapewear, you can buy these leggings in a variety of leg lengths - short/petite, regular and long. They're also not see-through and are perfect for everyday wear by themselves.

Cons: Some reviews state the material is thicker than other shapewear products, so may not be good for exercise or very hot weather.

Review: "It’s a thick fabric that holds you in but still allows your skin to breathe. I like the fact that there are different length options because my daughter is tall and struggles to find leggings the right length."

Fengbay Capris Tummy Control Workout 4 Way Stretch High Waist Leggings
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CREDIT: amazon

If you're looking for corset-level suction, look no further than these super affordable Fengbay Tummy Control shapewear leggings. With three levels of sinching available on your waist, you can choose how tight you would like your leggings to be.

Pros: These high-waisted leggings have a corset waist which means you're in complete control of your waist. Also, because they're yoga leggings, they are made of moisture-wicking fabric. Also...pockets.

Cons: These leggings can shrink in a hot wash so we recommend a cold wash only. You are also recommended to size up.

Review: "These are it! These are the saving grace of all leggings. AND they actually don't strangle your mid section so you look like a pig in a blanket. I'm 48. My mother is 70. My daughters are anywhere between 28 and 20. Well, my mom loves them because they support her bad hips and they help her walk straighter without her cane. I love them because they reduce the size of my big, fat butt and squeeze in that unsightly jiggle. And my daughters love them because they're in style and they just fit right without showing off their purple polka-dotted thongs."

GapFit High Rise Power Compression Recycled 7/8 Leggings
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How are these Gap Compression Leggings unique to the rest? Well, they are designed with a four-way stretch. This allows "freedom of movement while providing superior shape retention." As well as this, these leggings have an elasticised compression waist. All of these elements add up to a fantastic pair of shapewear leggings.

Pros: If the pointers above didn't grab you, you should also know that these leggings are made from 79 per cent recycled polyester, meaning less fabric waste. Plus, these leggings were made in a factory that runs the Gap Inc. P.A.C.E. (Personal Advancement & Career Enhancement) program. "P.A.C.E. is our educational program that helps the women who make our clothes build the skills, knowledge, confidence & resilience needed to advance in work & life."

Cons: The only colour currently available is black. They are also more expensive than other options on our list.

Review: "I love these leggings! The print is muted but fun. They fit wonderfully and are compressive without digging. Sometimes a compressive legging will fold at the top when you're moving but these really stay in place and make for a comfortable lounge piece and a functional workout piece. I do recommend."

Charcoal Post Maternity Shaping Leggings
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CREDIT: seraphine

On top of the stress of having a newborn baby, feeling uncomfortable in your postpartum body can be a struggle for anyone. A lot of the time childbirth can completely change the shape of our bodies. However, with some maternity shapewear leggings, you can put your worries aside, as they will help you keep your body smoothed out so you can focus on that wonderful baby of yours.

Pros: These leggings are specially optimised for compressing postpartum bellies after pregnancy, with soft breathable fabric. All of this means you can take it easy with any workout plans and focus on healing your body and spending time with your little one.

Cons: Some reviews state these leggings can rip easily if pulled too tight.

Review: "These leggings provide the perfect amount of support and coverage. The high waist keeps me covered. The material is wonderfully soft and durable. They are NOT see-through at all and machine wash great. I practically lived in these leggings. The high waist and stretchy, supportive fit was just what I needed! I would suggest ordering one size up because I think they run a bit small. Highly recommend!"

JOYSPELS Women's High Waisted Gym Leggings
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CREDIT: amazon

Another affordable piece of shapewear from Amazon, these JOYSPELS leggings are designed to make sure you look as snatched as possible at the gym (who knows, you could meet your future partner whilst doing a pull-up?) For example, as well as the tried and tested tummy control waist, these leggings are designed with a Y line. This makes your legs look longer and allows for more flexible movements.

Pros: These are the best shapewear leggings on our list to wear specifically at the gym: with its Y line, quick-drying fabric, and deep pockets. There is also a wide range of customisation, with 17 different colours to choose from.

Cons: Some reviews state they can come up a little short on taller women.

Review: "I bought these for a hiking holiday after they were recommended to me. Used them once so far and they suited my needs just right. I’m a very curvy girl and my thighs did not rub in these at all (6-hour hike) they also stayed in place. I found it a little tight on my stomach when I first put them on - but it didn’t last and it gave me a nice shape across all my lumps and bumps which just made me feel better and more comfortable about myself especially when I’m hiking with others.

"The material is very nice, it’s also thick which kept the heat in for me. The material also feels nice against my skin too. I’ve got quite a long leg and would have liked an extra inch or two at the bottom - but as you can see in the pic it goes right down to my ankle and once I had my thick socks and boots on you can’t see it anyways. I’m a size 18 and got these at an XXL which for me nicely with a high waist (which I like) I’ll be ordering more of these for my trip!"

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