The best weighted hula hoops to elevate your home workouts

Get in shape in 2022 with the best weighted hula hoops

best weighted hula hoops

by Red Edwards |

Bored of the same mundane workouts? Look no further than a weighted hula hoop to bring you a fun session while improving your core strength and burning calories.

A weighted hula hoop is the perfect tool if you're wanting to lead a healthier lifestyle in 2022, with the goals of toning up, shredding some pounds, and becoming just that little bit fitter. Or perhaps you're just on a mission to inject a burst of joy back into your dull home workout routine- because we feel ya there.

Hold up, we need to tell you the BEST part, you can work out and watch Netflix simultaneously to pass the time.

I mean we're obsessed, goodbye boring workouts, hello weighted hula hoop.

So, what is a weighted hula hoop?

You remember hula hoops, right? Who are we kidding, of course, you do! Those pesky plastic hoops used to keep us entertained for hours back in the day; we're convinced that all of us thought we were Shakira with those things spinning on our hips...

However, a weighted hula hoop is pretty much exactly as the name suggests: it's a heavier hula hoop, weighing anywhere between 1kg, all the way up to 8kg.

If you're a TikTok addict like us, then you would've already seen the nifty little workout tool plastered all over the place.

Benefits of using a weighted hula hoop

Using a weighted hula hoop comes with many great benefits like:

Burning calories – following research from the Mayo Clinic, they found that women can burn about 165 calories during 30 minutes of hula hooping and men can burn around 200 calories.

Improving core strength – hula hooping activates the muscles in your core, allowing you to strengthen them over time (six-pack here we come!).

Improving aerobic health – hula hooping is an amazing stimulating aerobic exercise, with similar benefits to dancing. Aerobic exercise is great for improving blood flow, lowering stress levels and promoting a stronger heart and lungs.

Keep reading to shop our hand-picked selection of the best weighted hula hoops, suitable for every budget and the whole family. Plus, beginner tips on how to get started with your weighted hula hoop.

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Weighted hula hoop beginner tips

To help get you started, with a little help from Tiktok we've come up with some tips to help you get comfortable with your new workout accessory before you get started:

• Using a weighted hula hoop may result in some bruising on the areas of your body you use to spin. Some users recommend wearing a hoodie to avoid any discomfort.

• If you can already hula hoop it’s a lot easier to get started with a weighted one. We would recommend trying out an un-weighted hula hoop before purchasing a weighted one.

• Consistency is key, like with any exercise remaining consistent with your weighted hula hoop will help you to see results quicker.

• Whack on your favourite show to binge-watch in the living room and get spinning, this will help pass the time and make for a more fun workout.

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Weighted hula hoop 15-minute workout - full body

Got your new weighted hula hoop at the ready with no clue where to start?

This amazing 15-minute guided tutorial is the perfect introduction for a weighted hula hoop at-home workout.

What is a weighted hula hoop used for?

The Best Weighted Hula Hoop
The Best Weighted Hula Hoop ©Amazon

A weighted hula hoop is the perfect piece of equipment to spice up your workout. Not only is it low impact, but it also combines strength training along with cardio, to give you double the effect. Using a weighted hula hoop will increase your heart rate and demands engagement from your core. It's a win-win!

Can a weighted hula hoop slim your waist?

Let us break this down: swinging a weighted hula hoop around and around, balancing it on your waist for a good 30 minutes is going to be an excellent form of cardio, then combined with strength training (using your core, stomach muscles and back muscles to keep the hoop from falling). So a weighted hula hoop is certainly going to be a fabulous calorie burner, and will of course- in turn, strengthen your stomach muscles. So, in hindsight- yes, weighted hula hoop exercises will contribute largely to slimming down your waist.


This goes hand-in-hand with other contributing factors, such as: your overall body fat, how often you work out, your stress levels, and the quality and amount of sleep you achieve. It's important to remember that you cannot spot reduce fat, so therefore- you'll not be able to specifically target your waist.

Though, that doesn't take away value from the fact that a weighted hula hoop will certainly fast-track you to losing weight, building strength and burning calories fast!

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