Coping with stress: 6 tips to help you de-stress by Closer’s Dr Christian

Stress can cause significant health problems, including anxiety, depression and even increased risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer. Here's how to cope when you're feeling under pressure.


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How to cope with stress

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Share your problems with other people. A good support network of friends, family and colleagues can see you through tricky times.

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Go to bed earlier. A good night's rest is vital to help you cope with the demands of the next day – aim for seven to eight hours.

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Watch what you eat. Don't turn to food and alcohol as a crutch to get you through stressful times. A healthy, balanced diet – with lots of fruit, veg, whole grains and protein – is vital to give you energy.

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Turn off your smartphone. Easy access to emails, texts and calls means there's nowhere to hide from friends and work. We all need digital downtime, so switch off and relax.

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Take regular exercise outdoors. Research shows that getting active – particularly when combined with the benefits of being in the fresh air – can soothe tension.

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If you're not coping, don't feel you need to go through it alone. Your GP can offer help and support and can refer you for counselling and stress therapy.

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