7 of the best stick-on bras you need in your underwear drawer STAT

No more bra straps ruining your favourite outfit looks.

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Diamonds are a girl's best friend but bras are certainly not. Even the best bras have their issues, and all these years we've had to deal with hard wires, tight constrictions and sore boobs. Let the girls roam free, that's what we say.

However, coming back down to reality, bras are kind of necessary in certain situations, especially if you're looking for the best support bra for your boobs. They're also helpful in covering up the nipples, and look adorable, especially with the variety of cute bras that are available to buy.

But what if there was a creation that kept all the helpful stuff about bras, without all the painful elements? Enter, the stick-on bra.

Some of you may cower away in fear at the term 'stick-on bra', but do not be afraid, readers. Just because you had a bad experience where your stick-on bra began to fall off whilst dancing to the macarena at a wedding, doesn't mean it'll happen again. Similar to strapless bras, stick-on bras are life-changing if you get the right type for you.

Do you want a stick-on bra that's as non-visible as possible? How about a stick-on bra that lifts and defines? We've got it all right here, with top-quality products that you wish you'd tried sooner. As well as our buyer guide on the best stick-on bras to buy online, we've got an FAQ section to answer your burning questions on the world of adhesive bras.

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The best underwired stick-on bra

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Price: £13 (was £19)



You'll notice the stick-on bra industry tends to focus more on functionality than looks. However,

The best stick-on bra for backless dresses

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Price: £13.50 (now £15)



Ann Summers knows how to make a bra, and the brand's stick-on bra is no exception. Little elements

Editor's Choice for the best stick-on bra

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Rrp: £16.99

Price: £15.99


Our top pick for the best stick-on bra would be the CatoFree Invisible Bra from Amazon. It

The best silicone stick-on bra


Rrp: £13.99

Price: £12.99


Oh yes - CatoFree appears on our list again, and for good reason. This version is 100 per cent

The best plunge stick-on bra


If you wear a plunging shirt or dress, you want your cleavage to be spectacular. Like

The best lace-up stick-on bra


Everyone has seen the classic lace-up bra on the interwebs, but did you know there was a stick-on

The best hypoallergenic stick-on bra


Having sensitive skin can be an absolute drag, but don't let that stop you from exploring the


How to make stick-on bra sticky again? / How to clean my stick-on bra?

If you have a silicone-based stick-on bra, and it's lost its stickiness, it's probably due to the fact that there's too much build-up of your skin's oil on the adhesive surface. All you need to do to fix this is wash the whole bra under warm water with soap and it'll be as good as new. Also bear in mind some stick-on bras will only be single-use, whereas others may last 20 to 30 wears if reusable. This depends on how well you take care of the adhesive surface, such as covering it with a plastic cover when not in use.

Can I recycle my bra?

With the average British woman owning 20 bras yet only regularly wearing five, it’s little wonder that a staggering 19 million bras end up going into landfill every year. In 2022, the lingerie brand Nudea launched a recycling scheme, ‘Bra-cycle’, to encourage customers to recycle their old and ill-fitting bras as well as to highlight the importance of shopping responsibly.

Bras cannot be easily recycled as one unit, and you can't pawn them off to charity shops either. However, Nudea breaks down your old bras into plastic, fibre and metal elements so that they can be individually recycled and reused.

According to their website, this new scheme (recently launched with TerraCycle® via their Zero Waste Box™ solution) only asks that you fill in their online form with how many bras you want to recycle, and you receive further instructions on posting it out.

Plus, you’ll receive 20% off Nudea products as a result so you can up your underwear game and find a sustainable bra designed with fit, support and style in mind. Win, win.

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