12 of the best bras that are both stylish and supportive

Who says supportive bras can't be stylish? 👏

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by Louella Berryman |

There's no doubt about it, finding the right bra can be a challenge. Especially when you're faced with so many different styles that you don't know where to start. From push-up to backless and strapless to shapewear, it can be difficult to even know where to begin.

Sometimes it can seem like wishful thinking to find a bra that fits properly, is comfortable and doesn't look like something Bridget Jones would wear. We've tried to make that choice easier by rounding up the best bras out there.

As well as being stylish, we've tried to find bras that are supportive, comfortable AND affordable. So why not strap yourself in and take a look at the best bras that we could find.

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The best bras that are both stylish and supportive

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Can you believe how affordable this bra is? And it's pretty, too. Coming in a fab range of colours, this bra gets a thumbs up from us.Pros: Affordable price, great choice of colours.Cons: The sizing only runs to an E cup. Reviews say: "Really supportive and comfortable bra, good choice of colours, I always buy this bra"

Pour Moi? Women's Sirens Sofia Lace Embroidered Side Support Bra
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CREDIT: Amazon

A Pour Moi classic, this bra has intricate lace detail as well as added side support.Pros: The cup sizes run to a G, good support for larger busts. Cons: A lack of colour choices available as it only comes in nude, black and white. Reviews say: "Oh I love this bra so much! Please keep it in stock. So comfortable and doesn't ride up the back at all. The side support in the cups is great. It's so pretty for a larger bra too! I find it so difficult to purchase anything that fits nicely, this is perfect."

Sumptuously Softu2122 Padded Plunge T-Shirt Bra A-E
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M&S is the home of great, affordable underwear, so its classic t-shirt bra is one of the very best.Pros: The price point of this bra is one of the most affordable out there and it's incredibly comfortable and versatile.Cons: The sizing only runs to an E cup.Reviews say: "It is supremely comfortable, and gives great support. Best of all though is that the sides don't wrinkle up and cause unsightly bulges under clothes."

Panache Clara Bra
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CREDIT: Bravissimo

In a rich, luxurious print, this Bravissimo bra will have you feeling like a goddess.Pros: Runs to a J cup, lots of great colour choices.Cons: A customer suggested the cups should be cotton lined for extra comfort.Reviews say: "This bra is comfortable and provides good support, coming in several colours too. It is reasonably priced and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it for style and support."

Elissa Padded LonglineUnderwired Bra Lucy Hale in Black
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CREDIT: Hunkemoller

This stunning bra isn't just stylish, its' thick band and straps also offer lots of support.Pros: Beautiful design, padded and underwired to give a great shape.Cons: Longline bras aren't for everyone, but we absolutely love this design**.**Reviews say: "I'm just so impressed with this bra. It's so gorgeous and the design is just amazing. I literally never want to take to take this off. Not to mention it's SO comfortable."

Millie Bra By Bravissimo
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CREDIT: Bravissimo

A Bravissimo favourite, this gorgeous balconette has a reputation for being the most comfortable bra ever.Pros: Extra lining and a side sling for bigger busted ladies, offering even more support and giving a natural forward-facing shape. Cons: The two hook fastening seemed to be an adjustment for some, who preferred three hooks.Reviews say: "The soft elastic moulds really well and gives a great shape. So pretty and very comfy. Lots of colours to choose from."

Fantasie Illusion Underwired Side Support Balcony Bra, Black
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CREDIT: John Lewis & Partners

A John Lewis bestseller, it's clear to see why. This chic black bra with pretty and subtle mesh detail is THE perfect everyday bra.Pros: Three-piece cup and side support detail for great shape and proper support. Cons: A lack of design choices as it only comes in black, white or nude. Also, there's no padding for those who like to have padded bras.**Reviews say: "**This is the best bra I have ever bought. So comfortable and gives you a beautiful shape. Premium quality without the price tag and very pretty."

Piper Lace and Mesh Balconette Bra in Ivory
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CREDIT: Boux Avenue

As well as being the best selling bra for Boux Avenue, this pretty bra also comes with free knickers so it's an automatic yes from us. Pros: Gorgeous range of colours to choose from, and gives a great lift if you're looking for a boost.Cons: More padded than some expected.**Reviews say: "**Love this bra as an everyday basic. Comfy with good support. I've only recently been able to try it as it wasn't originally available in a 30G but I already have two colours now."

Fantasie Estelle 9352Underwired Side Support Bra
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CREDIT: Amazon

With Fantasie being a well known brand, they know how to do bras WELL. This side support bra is sexy, comfortable and affordable.Pros: Side support detail for bigger busted women. A three-piece cup offers good uplift.Cons: Some customers reported the bra was a little stiff.Reviews say: "I love Fantasie side support bras. They are beautiful, supportive and feminine. If you manage to, you can often catch a deal here on Amazon. I have bought three so far and love each one. Fantasie know how to make a great bra for us larger chested women without sacrificing breautiful design."

Viva Luxe Underwired Bra
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CREDIT: Pour Moi

Who says sexy bras can't be comfortable? This satin plunge number offers all of the support while still looking stylish. Pros: The satin cups create a smooth silhouette, with cup sizes running up to a J.Cons: The sizing may run a little on the small side, so it might be best to size up with this bra. Reviews say: "I've never had a bra so comfortable in my life. Doesn't even feel like I'm wearing a bra. The material is so soft and it looks pretty."

Flora Lightly Padded Underwired Bra in Soft Pink
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CREDIT: Pour Moi

Proving to be a Pour Moi bestseller, this gorgeous bra comes in a number of different colours to choose from.Pros: Light padding to add a flattering shape, great colour choices.Cons: Some customers said they would prefer more hooks instead of just two hooks on the back.**Reviews say: "**I don't usually buy padded bras as I feel that I do not need that extra padding (F Cup size). However seeing this bra looking lovely on a larger sized model, I thought why not give it a try? I'm so glad I did. The bra looks really pretty, fits well, and is very comfortable to wear."

Scallop Lace Padded Full Cup Bra A-E
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This M&S bra comes with gorgeous scalloped detail that we just absolutely love. It looks ridiculously expensive for an absolute steal. Pros: Light padding and underwiring for support.Cons: No other colour choices and only runs to an E cup.Reviews say: "Very comfortable and well fitting bra. Would to love to purchase it in other colours if they became available."

How do I measure my bra size?

It's really easy to measure your bra size at home, and you can even use a bra size calculator like this one from M&S.

If you want to work out your size manually, all you need is a soft tape measure.

First, use the tape measure to measure under your breasts around your torso in inches. This is your band size. If you get an odd number, round up to the nearest even one.

Then, use the tape measure to measure around the fullest part of your bust. Subtract your band size from your bust size and the difference in inches will give you your cup size.

For example, one inch would be an A cup, two inches a B cup, three inches a C cup, and so on.

How do I know my bra fits properly?

There are lots of ways you can tell if your bra fits you properly. First, you can check the fit of the band. It should fit snugly around your torso and not ride up or pull away easily. It also shouldn't dig in or feel tight and uncomfortable.

The centre of the bra, the piece that holds the cups together, should sit flat against your breastbone. If it doesn't, it might be the case that the cups are too small or the band is too large.

You shouldn't be spilling out of the cups, and equally, you shouldn't be able to fit more than one finger between the cup and your bust.

Before you commit to buying, it's a good idea to check that your bra is supporting you correctly. One of lingerie brand Boux Avenue's tips is to look at a side-view of yourself in the mirror. "With proper support," it says, "your breasts should sit midway between your shoulders and elbows."

When should you replace your bra?

You should replace your bras every six to nine months, according to lingerie brand Harper Wilde.

This is because when bras lose their shape over time, they become less supportive and can cause neck and back pain if they're very worn out.

The band can also lose stretch over time, so if you're wearing your bra on the tightest hook and it's still loose, it's time to invest in a new one.

Which style will suit my bust best?

There are absolutely no rules when it comes to bras, other than looking and feeling great. So whether you go for a balconette, bralette or classic t-shirt bra, as long as you're comfortable and feel fab, there are really no restrictions.

If you have a larger bust (DD+) you might prefer to stick to styles with a thicker band and straps to provide more support, but if you're not wearing your bra all day, then daintier styles will be completely fine.

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Is wearing a bra good for your bust?

There are lots of myths about whether wearing a bra is good for you or not.

There is no evidence to suggest that wearing a bra during the day is bad for you, although according to Medical News Today, a bra that does not fit properly can cause neck and back pain.

Very tight straps can cause permanent grooves in the shoulder muscles over the years.

Should I sleep in my bra?

Sleeping in a bra might not necessarily have any outright bad effects, but it can disturb your sleep or cause skin irritation if it's too tight.

If you wear a tight bra to bed, it could cause restricted circulation, which can lead to dizziness and muscle cramps, according to Anna Targonskya, a medical advisor at Flo.

It can also cause hyperpigmentation and skin irritation by rubbing against your skin during the night.

How often should I wash my bra?

You should wash your bra every three to four wears, according to the Good Housekeeping Institute.

If you've been wearing it on a humid day and get more sweaty, then you might need to wash it more frequently.

Equally, if you only wear a bra for a few hours then you'll need to wash it less frequently.

It might be tempting to wash it after every wear, but doing that could cause more harm than good. Using detergent too frequently on your bra could cause it to lose elasticity and fade in colour.

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