The best bamboo bras to buy online

Excuse the alliteration, but bamboo bras are bloody brilliant.

Bamboo bras

by Ruby Barry |

There are many ways that we can be more sustainable in 2022. Being eco-friendly is quickly becoming mainstream, thanks to the discovery of new sustainable materials. So, what’s the newest trend? Bamboo bras.

Bamboo can be turned into a fabric called bamboo viscose fabric, which can then be used to create a ton of different types of clothing - like socks, pants and, funnily enough, bras. Yes, you can now get bamboo bras and they’re way better than normal bras. Want to know why? Read on for some science - safety goggles on please 🥽.

What is bamboo viscose fabric?

Bamboo isn't just a panda’s snack. Its natural fibres can be spun to make a viscose fabric textile. The yarn threads are made by dissolving bamboo pulp into its cellulose component.

Why is bamboo viscose fabric so great for bras? Not only is it ultra-smooth and soft, but it's known for being extremely effective in eliminating odours. It's also great at regulating your temperature with its lightweight, breathable fabric. It's ideal for sensitive skin.

Why is bamboo sustainable?

Bamboo bras are super eco-friendly because the material requires very few resources to grow. Not only does bamboo grow at a rapid speed but it biodegrades faster than oil-based synthetics. Bamboo rarely needs harsh pesticides to grow, and if there is sufficient rainfall, additional watering is not required. It can reach heights over 75 feet in just 40 to 60 days, and when cut down, it regenerates naturally through a large root system that sends out around four to six new shoots per year. Yeah - bamboo is pretty awesome.

So, now that you're a bamboo buff, let's find you some of the best bamboo bras to behold.

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Best bamboo bras online 2022

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CREDIT: wuka

Non-wired Bra

A bra made for women of all sizes, this everyday bralette from WUKA is a must-have in your wardrobe.

Reviews call it the best bralette ever, quote "this is HANDS DOWN the best bralette ever: great support, absolute comfort, my boobs look and feel great when I wear it. Manages to be practical/comfy/sexy. Don't be shy if you have big boobs/are fat: I got the 2xl and am a 40D and it fits like a dream."

DANISH ENDURANCE Seamless Bamboo Bra for Women
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Workout Bra

With a simple design, this bamboo sports bra by Danish Endurance is great for any workout. It features a soft and supportive design, and the material is stretchy.

Review: "These are great, comfortable and ideal for doing exercise or for busy days. However, the sizing on these is tiny! I'm a 34A and I found that the L-XL size was wearable but tight, and needed XL-XXL to be comfortable!"

Boody Shaper Bra
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Shaper Bra

Available in a whopping eight different colours, there are plenty of options to choose from. With no wiring or straps that dig in, comfort is the name of the game. You can also get a two-pack for only £30.

Review: "I am ordering more, extremely comfortable to wear during this heat wave like most Boody products almost feels like you are not wearing anything. My first impression was that it wasn’t very supportive however after wearing I am loving it!"

Women's Bamboo Triangle Bra. Silky Soft, Breathable, Modern Cut, Stretch, Adjustable Spaghetti Strap, Pullover
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Triangle Bra

This bra from Cotton Premier has a variety of colours, and "The pullover style and adjustable convertible straps would allow you to wear it two ways: classic or cross back". An added bonus is that it has matching briefs!

Review: "Bought for daughter who wanted an ethical product. Quick service, good product (light support) & fits. Thank-you."

Women's Bamboo Lace Bra with Padded Cups
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Lace Bra

Bamboo bras can be ultra sexy. Case and point: this sultry lace bralette from the shop cotton premier. And- you get some matching knickers as well. Adulting done right.

Review: "So soft and comfortable, next best thing to no bra at all which unfortunately isn't always appropriate ;)"

Leo Organic Bamboo High-Cut Bra Charcoal
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CREDIT: Know the origin

Rectangle Bra

This stylish rectangle high-cut bra is made from OEKO-TEX 100 approved Lyocell bamboo and Spandex blend, and comes in five cute colours- including mauve, olive and cherry.

Organic bamboo cotton halter wrap top, handmade versatile crop top
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Halter-Wrap Bra

Scarf-wrap bralettes are a fashion staple, and this bamboo halter wrap top from Kyulab does the trick. The reviews rave about its soft texture (thanks to the bamboo) and versatility.

Review: "Beautiful top that fits most sizes. Surprisingly stays in place and is super comfortable. Highly recommend!"

ARAYA organic bamboo silk soft cup bra - black wire-free bralette with sheer mesh panels, sustainable lingerie ethically handmade to order
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Sexy Lingerie Bra

This bra from Colie Co is a little different in that it's made from bamboo silk. That's why this option is a bit more pricey, but so worth it, especially with that beautiful design. Not only is it made from OEKO-TEX certified vegan bamboo silk, but the mesh fabric is reclaimed from fast fashion surplus.

Review: "Gorgeous bra, looks stunning and beautiful quality. I will definitely be ordering some more soon. Also, Nicole is so helpful and such a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend this shop!! Thank you."

Ready To Ship - SMALL or LARGE - Bamboo Cotton Blend Bra With French Lace - Gray 'Angel's Trumpet' Style Bralette Lingerie
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Sexy Lingerie Bra

With stunning, intricate lace detailing, and described as "Bespoke lingerie for better-than-retail prices", you can't go wrong with On The Inside's 'Angel's Trumpet' bra. Might as well treat yourself, as well as treat the planet.

Review: "Working with Elise was an absolute dream. She responded quickly to my messages and helped me decide which bra was best for me. I have never had the experience of putting on a bra and it fitting all my curves AND being comfortable. She does very lovely work. Also shipped out at lightning speed. Already planning what to buy next :)"

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CREDIT: bamboo clothing

Seamless Bra

Bamboo Clothing is a company that is dedicated to making...well you guessed it, bamboo clothing. Their seamless bra has 360-degree stretch, and reviews say "This is the best BAM bralette. It gives plenty of support for all but high-impact exercise. It's great for everyday wear, and gives a lovely streamlined look."

Review: "For a lounge bra to wear at home or under leisure wear they are brilliant - really substantial fabric and because they are long length they don’t ride up under your boobs."

Bamboo Maternity & Breastfeeding Sleep Bras (Twin Pack)
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CREDIT: seraphine

Maternity Bra

Start off your baby's journey with an eco-friendly maternity bra, designed in a crossover fashion to allow easy breastfeeding. The best thing about it though? It's a twin pack! Now if your baby spits up, you got a backup to cover you.

How to measure your bra size at home

A few months ago a TikTok user went viral for showing people an easy way to measure their bra size accurately at home.

Madison Anne revealed the three simple steps she learned while working at a well-known lingerie company.

She says that you first need to measure under your bust while wearing a sports bra or no bra, using a soft tape measure, and note down that measurement in inches. If it's an odd number, round up to the nearest even number. This is your band size.

Then, measure the fullest part of your bust, looping the tape measure around your back. Note down the measurement in inches.

Then minus your band number from your bust number and the difference will give you your cup size.

1 inch = A cup

2 inch = B cup

3 inch = C cup

4 inch = D cup

5 inch = DD cup

And so on.

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