Stacey Solomon’s Instagram Story: what apps does she use to edit it?

The question we all want answered

stacey solomon instagram story editing app

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Stacey Solomon is pretty much the queen of, well, everything.

Keeping it real on Instagram? She does that. DIY hacks? She's always sharing them. Tap to tidy? She's got a book out.

However there's one thing that we're quite literally in awe of and it's her Instagram Story.

Seriously, she'll share a clip of herself cleaning her house, making her kids breakfast show or doing her classic tap to tidy and showing off a huge transformation in her house.

As well as all of that, she'll have music playing in the background of her videos and everything just seems seamless and the complete opposite of us trying to get the perfect picture of the 'gram.

Now you may be wondering 'how does Stacey Solomon edit her Instagram Story?' or even 'does Stacey Solomon have an editor for her Instagram account?'.

Well, the X Factor star turned Loose Women panellist has actually revealed she uses an app on her phone.

Now you might be thinking iMovie or InShot but it turns out Stacey actually uses the app Splice that allows you to edit videos, create transitions, add slow motion and add overlays to your clips.

Not only that but you're able to add sound effects, music or your own voiceover.

It literally sounds like the perfect app to improve your Instagram, tbh.

Splice is free to download but there are in-app purchases that give you even more options.

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Stacey Solomon reveals genius £8.99 sandwich hack that will win over fussy eaters

Say what? Stacey Solomon's vacuuming hack is on Amazon for £7.73

Stacey Solomon reveals her favourite fake tan and it's cheap as chips

Stacey truly is thriving not only did she get engaged in December and already has plans to tie the knot this summer, but released her own book this month and confirmed she's bagged her own TV show.

Her BBC show will focus on helping six families improve their homes by learning how to declutter and organise everything.

"One cupboard at a time, we'll be helping families declutter their homes and get organised in a way that works for them.

"I'll be sharing my ultimate tidying and upcycling tips, from Lazy Susans to tension rods, there'll be lots of great ideas to give viewers the confidence to finally tackle that cupboard," Stacey has said.

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