Say what? Stacey Solomon’s vacuuming hack is on Amazon for £7.73

"I love that you get as excited as I do about things like this" 😂

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We love Stacey Solomon, she's happy, her Instagram content is chef's kiss, and, like her best pal Mrs Hinch, she always comes through with the best cleaning hacks.

First, she introduced us to sandwich cutters, then she let us in on that life-changing sink hack (and we're never looking back), and now she's only gone and found a handheld vacuum for us - what can't she do?

Stacey took to social media earlier this year to show off the magic gizmo, which hoovers up crumbs in seconds, and told fans, "I've been searching high and low for something like this and I finally found it.

"And it actually works! It's honestly changed my crafting life..."

She continued, "Honestly how have I only just discovered this? 😂."

Well, Stace, we're SO glad you did.

The 'Handvac' is about the size of a scone (nice example from us, eh?) and works by using small brushes and suction to clear away crumbs, lint, and basically all the tiny things that you really shouldn't have to get the big vacuum out for.

It's battery powered, so you can literally take it anywhere and, if you ask us, this is the perfect gadget to keep your car shiny and new all year round, without the expensive valet. Plus, it's the perfect size to sort out all those pesky crumbs that get stuck down the back of the sofa.

stacey solomon mini handheld hover
The vacuum that Stacey told fans about sold out fast. ©Instagram @staceysolomon

So, thank you, Stacey. Thank you so much.

Now, just as a warning, the exact model that Stacey recommend has sold out but, because we're just that organised, we've only gone and found you the next best thing.

If you don't believe us it's got 4.3 stars on Amazon and one customer has said, "Absolutely brilliant! We have dark worktops and dark floors and crumbs showed up like mad. Now we can pick up the crumbs easily from the worktop without accidentally whisking them off the edge and onto the floor!

"A MASSIVE time saver if you have dark surfaces in the kitchen. I searched for crumb collection on a whim... I'm glad I did."

Someone else said, "I LOVE this lil sucker. My boyfriend laughed when I said I'd bought a countertop vacuum but we both use this lil gadget multiple times a day...who's laughing now?!

"It lives by the toaster and saves so much hassle instead of wringing out cloths to tidy the kitchen counters of crumbs and spilt herbs etc. For the price you have nothing to lose and I will never be without one again. 5* all round."

It's in stock, and it costs less than a tenner. What are you waiting for? Go, GO.

CHECK OUT: Stacey Solomon's £7.73 mini handheld vacuum

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SHOP: the Handvac mini vacuum

Clauss Handvac 2Clean Battery Operated Mini Cleaning Kit1 of 1
CREDIT: Amazon

Clauss Handvac 2Clean Battery Operated Mini Cleaning Kit

This is the answer to all our tiny cleaning woes, and it is a barGAIN at less than a tenner.

What handheld hoover does Mrs Hinch use?

And if you don't mind splashing a little more cash then why not buy Mrs Hinch's hand hoover? She uses the Shark Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner and it's currently on sale and costs less than £100.

Mrs Hinch has admitted that it's her go to product to use around the house.

mrs hinch hand hoover
mrs hinch has revealed her favourite handheld hoover on social media ©Instagram / mrshinchhome

"I've had it for a long time now! I love it and really recommend it," she wrote on her Instagram Story.

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Where to buy cheap homeware items

I tried the L'Oréal Steampod to see if it lived up to the hype and OMG

Now that you're on your way to becoming Mrs Hinch 2.0, have you thought about shopping some of Stacey's other finds, or should we say creations...

That's right, Stacey has launched her own homeware collection with Amazon, and it is an interiors dream.

There are personalisable dressing gowns, Santa sacks (again, that you can personalise) and even jokey pillows that pay tribute to her trolls, and they're all online in time for Christmas.

The range is super reasonably priced and would make perfect Christmas presents for your loved ones, or, you know, you. Treat yo'self.

Happy shopping.

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