7 best weighted blankets to shop for the best night’s sleep EVER

From a good night's sleep to banishing stress, here's why they're currently trending online...

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Now the summer stress is upon us, and we've got too many things to do on our to-do lists (curses for being so organised), it's never been a better time to invest in a weighted blanket. But, wait. Why on earth would anyone want an extra-heavy blanket to cart around?

Well, they have become mainstream over the last few years thanks to their anxiety-quashing benefits and their magical ability to help improve the quality of your sleep. Because if we want anything right now, it's eight hours of sleep, please and thank you.

Our shortlist: the top three to shop right now

Editor's Choice: HIGH LIVING Weighted Blanket, £29.99

Best luxury weighted blanket: The Mela Air Weighted Blanket, £55 was £139

Best cooling weighted blanket: YnM Cooling Weighted Blanket, £84.99

What is a weighted blanket and how do they work?

A weighted blanket is heavier than the standard offering. It is made with small balls of glass (sometimes plastic) stitched on the inside.

Essentially, there are designed to mimic a warm cuddle or human touch, which releases the happy chemical serotonin into the brain. There is something deeply relaxing about the heavy pressure from the blanket which makes you want to surrender and let go of the day.

Don't take our word for it, the internet is AWASH with rave reviews for the heavier type of blanket.

Here's our guide to the very best that everyone is going wild for, no matter what your budget.

SHOP: a guide to the best weighted blankets of 2023

Editor's Choice: best weighted blanket

A weighted blanket designed with the "Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation" theory, suitable for adults and children to improve your sleeping quality, and relieve anxiety, stress and insomnia.

A promising review: "I have to admit I have been wanting one of these for a long time so when this came on offer I snapped it up and I'm so glad I did. It helps me sleep and makes me feel less anxious. I would not be without it now."

Best luxury weighted blanket

The Mela Air Weighted Blanketaeyla
Price: £55 (was £139)


If you have the budget, this weighted blanket is flawless. It's made using anti-rustle glass quartz pellets, which move around silently and mould to your body shape. It's extremely plush and cosy, too.

A promising review: "The blanket is great quality. My sleep has improved already! The cool surface is perfect for those with night hot flashes. I have also noticed a real improvement with restless legs overnight. Having been sceptical about this blanket and its ability to help sleep. I'm really impressed."

Best cooling weighted blanket

YnM Cooling Weighted Blanketamazon
Price: £83.90

Cold to the touch, this silky smooth bamboo weighted blanket is ideal if you're prone to getting hot in the night. The 7-layer system design adapts to the curve of your body for optimal comfort and the 4.7 x 4.7-inch smaller sections allow for more equitable weight distribution.

A promising review: "Seemed like a lot of money for a blanket, but I hate hot disturbed sleep in summer heatwaves and had seen loads of Facebook adverts for bamboo weighted blankets...I did a bunch of research and this one consistently scored highly in reviews...and so far have had two glorious obscenely long periods of sleep at the tail end of this heatwave in the UK. The blanket stays cool when not in contact with your body, so move an arm or a leg and blessed coolness is there waiting. The weight keeps my twitchy feet still and whereas I usually turn over in my sleep about a dozen times, with this on, it's maybe twice. I don’t really know because I’m sleeping so deeply. "

Best fleece weighted blanket

Kudd.ly Weighted BlanketKudd.ly
Price: £59 (was £99)


A plush weighted blanket that will help you drift off quicker than quicksand. Its ultra-soft, breathable MicroCool™ fleece maximises its cosiness and is the perfect throw blanket size for both kids and adults.

A promising review: "I have anxiety and I'm a really poor sleeper... my sleep was getting worse and I was becoming desperate. Lack of sleep was really impacting my life. I ordered this on Thursday afternoon and it was here by Saturday morning. First two nights I wasn't sure. I have gotten used to the sensation of the weight. I now would not be without it. The improvement in my sleep is remarkable. I can't believe how much better I feel as a result of this blanket. It really is a superb product I can't imagine ever being without it. Excellent customer service as well."

Best double king-size weighted blanket

Highams Weighted Blanket 8kg for Adultsamazon
Price: £31.99

For anyone who has a problem falling asleep, this huge weighted blanket brings breathable warmth to help you feel well-rested.

A promising review: "I am an insomniac for years now who struggles to fall asleep and to stay asleep, whatever I would try, wouldn't help unless it's sleeping pills. So I ordered this blanket 8kg, (my weight is approximately 68kg) for myself and my best friend who was recently starting to complain about bad nights too. I don't know what kind of magic it is, but we both actually have started to sleep well, I sleep through the night without waking up not even once!!"

Best synthetic weighted blanket

John Lewis Specialist Synthetic Weighted Blanket, 4.5kgjohn lewis

With a special weighty filling to create a reassuringly cosy feel and even pressure across your body. Designed to help reduce restlessness and aid relaxation.

A promising review: "Having been toying with purchasing this for a while I finally took the plunge and purchased at the weekend. I'm so pleased I did! I've had a couple of brilliant nights' sleep and I've just got home from a long hard day at work and pulled the blanket over me - I'm feeling instantly relaxed! I would definitely recommend it."

Best budget weighted blanket

The Higham's weighted blanket has been crafted to relieve stress, insomnia by stimulating stress points. This is the best price for a weighted blanket if you're shopping on a budget.

A promising review: "My grandson has ADHD and is medicated to sleep which doesn’t always work. I’m so pleased with the weighted blanket, since having it I have had no issues with sleeping, he goes to sleep within 40 minutes and will now sleep for 9-plus hours. More importantly, he is no longer taking sleep medication. Wish I brought one years ago. Fantastic product."

Tips for getting a good night's sleep:

Limit screens: aim to stop using all of your screens a few hours before bedtime. Now is the chance to do your skincare routine and read a book.

Switch to decaf: well, at least after lunchtime, so your body can naturally release melatonin, the hormone responsible for our sleep-wake cycle.

Try the Calm App: it has soothing meditations which are designed to help you fall asleep. Works like a charm.

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