24 stress-relief products to use every day

From colouring books to pillow sprays and candles

stress relief products

by Megan Close, Hayley Kadrou and Lily Anderson |

Here at Closer, we know that life can sometimes get on top of you. With everything that is going on in the world right now, it's more important than ever before to look after yourself and take a moment or two.

We're trying to stay zen, while keep up-to-date with enough news and stay in touch with family. It's tough! On top of all that, you're probably working at home for the first time and trying to regain some sort of virtual social life, dating and maybe, just maybe taking a moment out for yourself.

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Whatever is thrown your way, it's super important to relax and focus on your health - both mental and physical. Mental health charity, Mind shares lots of useful information including where to find support, other people's stories and news updates.

It's OK to get a little bit of help to de-stress whether that's by reaching out to a charity, a colleague or even just treating yourself to something that's just for you. Whether it's having a candlelit bath or writing in a diary, little things can help you to de-stress. You don't need to hit a yoga class to help you feel more zen.

We've picked out our favourite products that'll help you have more mindful moment every day.

The best stress-relief products

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Now you've got all the stress-relief products you could need, we've pulled together some helpful tips to help you relax while you're stuck at home.

How to relax at home

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Run a bath

Soaking in the tub is a fantastic way to relax both your body and mind. Unplug from the rest of the world and leave feeling refreshed.

Connect with nature

Sit in your garden or open your window and listen to the world around you.

Write a to do list

If you're stressing about all the cleaning that you need to do around the house then writing a list can help you de-stress the mind. It will also help you complete your jobs quicker.

Light a candle

There's something really relaxing about lighting a candle and watching the flame dance. Just don't leave it unattended at any point!

Do some cooking

If following lists and repetition helps you to chill out, cooking a meal is a fantastic way to achieve this. Best get chopping...

Watch a film

Re-watch one of your favourites and have a moment to yourself.

Organise a room

They do say that a tidy room tidy mind, right? And, we think it works.


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