15 useful gifts for mums that’ll transform their day to day

Because who needs another gin gift set, really?

useful gifts for mums

by Lucy Smith |

Buying for your mum is always harder than it appears. Yes, there's always flowers and a box of Cadbury Milk Tray but, if you're aiming to be thoughtful, a year in year out letterbox gift from Bloom & Wild probably isn't going to cut it.

The thing is, when your mum's been around 20-odd years longer than you, chances are she's already accumulated half of your gift ideas all on her own...

Nice scarf? She's got 10. Bottle of prosecco? She bought six bottles in that 25% off deal from Saino's last week.

Seriously, these women have a penchant for purchasing, and it's getting nigh on impossible to come up with unique, thoughtful AND affordable present ideas that she...well, actually wants.

Lucky for you, here at Closer we have oodles of time to find just the bits you're looking for. We've rounded up everything from haircare to glassware so you can sit back, relax and have a casual browse - there's bound to be something amongst these goodies...

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Useful gifts for mums

useful gifts for mums
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CREDIT: John Lewis

Every mum has a set of four wine glasses that's inevitably been whittled down to a sad pair of two after several accidents and a bit too much of the 'ole vino. Replenish her crockery with this gorgeous set of textured glasses. She'll be grateful for the restock and they'll prompt many a compliment at her next soiree.

useful gifts for mums
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Springtime is a weird one for outwear, but a shacket is always a great shout. You can layer it up with some chunky knitwear and, if the weather's fine, a basic tee will suffice. This dusky pink number is minimalist, cosy and, for £30 it's a bargain, if you ask us.

useful gifts for mums
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!SALE ALERT! This bad boy normally retails for £49.99 but has got a whopping £30 off today. With a double-sided view, one normal and one with 5x magnification, No 7's illuminated mirror is the perfect accessory for any bedroom or bathroom. Whether's it's the early pre-work make-up rush or some late night glitz, this mirror is sure to keep mum's make-up looking fresh and that toothpaste AWAY from the corner of her mouth...

useful gifts for mums
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CREDIT: Steamery

A practical one, but a goodie. Say goodbye to paper lint rollers, because Steamery have come up with the next best thing. Yep, it's a reusable roller that can be emptied with the push of the button. It'll pick up all manner of cat hair and fluff more efficiently than you're run of the mill roller and it's compact enough to pop in your handbag should you need it. Genius.

useful gifts for mums
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CREDIT: Amazon

If she's swept off her feet and barely has time to do the food shop (let alone write down a shopping list) then she needs an Alexa in her house. Find her favourite playlist? Ask Alexa. Remind her that she needs milk? Alexa can do that. You name it - anything she doesn't have a second to organise, Alexa can do it for her with Amazon's Echo Dot.

useful gifts for mums
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CREDIT: Our Place

We're officially on the Always Pan hype. If you can afford it, this is THE gift for the food aficionado mother because, we're telling you, NOTHING sticks to it. It comes with a steamer, a clip on wooden spoon (no more tomato sauce on your countertops) and even a handle pour nozzle for all your gravy and cheese sauce needs. It looks beautiful on any countertop and, honestly? We can't flaw it.

useful gifts for mums
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You've seen them on TikTok, but have you ever tried one? We have and, well, we're never going back. A pack of matches costs may cost £1, but you'll probably buy well over 36 packs in your life and, even then, they probably won't reach to the bottom of the bloomin' Yankee Candle jar when you need them to. With this handy reusable lighter from Zippo, you can angle the twisty arm to fit down even the deepest of jars, and you won't get that horrid burning match smell when it turns on. It's quick easy and, honestly, a godsend.

useful gifts for mums
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CREDIT: The Stem

We may have shucked off flowers as a naff gift, but mainly because they're more effort than they're worth (£30 plus these days...) and they'll be in the compost heap before you know it. With dried flowers, you can help mum to be a house proud goddess withOUT the faff and watering. Plus, with The Stem's gorgeous paper wrapping, you won't have to splash out for gift wrapping, either - it's a win, win.

useful gifts for mums
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CREDIT: Cult Beauty

Being a curly girl is not best suited to those on a budget. Finding the right products for you takes time, money and effort and, to be honest, every curly haired woman out there just wants someone to give them the magic key to their hair and be done with it. Cult Beauty have come to the rescue with this BARGAIN selection of curl-friendly products for less than a third of their original £190 price. From Living Proof to Olaplex No. 3 (the GOAT), mum will have her hands and hair full with nourishing, revitalising products. Dreamy.

useful gifts for mums
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CREDIT: John Lewis

Women don't want jewellery, they want a Shark Cordless Vacuum. Seriously, NO ONE wants to lug a Henry Hoover up the stairs all for the sake of some biscuit crumbs. The Shark Cordless Vac is practically legend at this point thanks to a certain Mrs Hinch, and for good reason. For one, it's sleek AF, not to mention it charges itself it its compact stand and, on top of all that, the suction is like nothing else we've seen. Onion skins in the darkest corners of your kitchen? Not a problem. Dog hair behind the toilet? Easy. Seriously, if you can afford this tiny beast, then your mum will be forever grateful.

useful gifts for mums
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CREDIT: Katie Loxton

Striking a balance between form and function is always tricky when it comes to handbags, but Katie Loxton have smashed it out of the pack with the Zana. The thick strap champions comfort while the smooth oblong design is giving minimalist Scandi chic. It's big enough for your keys, purse and make-up essentials and, you could always squeeze in a reusable shopping bag should Zara come a' calling. We love.

useful gifts for mums
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CREDIT: Oliver Bonas

Nothing quite screams class like a cafetiere. You could honestly cook us egg and chips, but chuck a cafetiere on the table at the end of the meal and we'll feel like we've just had dinner at the Ritz. This one from Oliver Bonas looks like its come fresh out of Soho House and, for less than £30, your wallet won't gasp for air. Plus, it'll look great on a countertop if mum's cupboards don't afford the space.

useful gifts for mums
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Whether she works from home, hates a phone alarm or just needs a bedside lamp, a Lumie is the ultimate bedroom gift. Proven to make waking up a more pleasant experience, Lumie's gradual sunrise effect alarm helps to boost the body's natural levels of cortisol and, if mum suffers with SAD, it works to minimise a whole host of the negative symptoms. It's a real powerhouse of benefits, to be honest.

useful gifts for mums
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CREDIT: Mason Cash

Platters are the dining essential that we always forget to buy. Afternoon tea? Platter of sandwiches. Canapes? Platter. You name it, there's a whole heap of justification for adding a platter to your ma's kitchen collection, and this one from Mason Cash is just delightful.

useful gifts for mums
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CREDIT: Selfridges

A good cleanse to top off a stressful day can honestly be the difference between a restful night's sleep and tossing and turning endlessly. This one from Bad Habit is oh-so-moisturising and will quite literally melt away the day behind you. It's the perfect gift for hard-working mamas.


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