How to throw an Easter egg hunt at home

And, it's not all chocolate...🐰

Easter egg hunt at home

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Celebrating Easter at home isn't that bad, right? If social distancing has taught us anything, it's that spending time with family is important. If you're lucky enough to live with your family, you can spend time together this bank holiday and do something fun like throw an Easter egg hunt at home.

If you're not at home with your family, this is a great time to get on FaceTime and join in on the fun virtually by helping the little ones solve clues to find the Easter eggs.

We've come up with lots of ideas to help you all have a fun afternoon while staying indoors. If you have a garden, that's great! You can hide some eggs in there too.

Easter eggs in basket
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Want to make sure the kids aren't eating too many goodies? In our Easter egg wish list, we've pulled together suggestions that aren't just chocolate related, although there is still plenty of that to enjoy.

Make sure the Easter egg hunt lasts all weekend by getting your children to help you make the eggs. You can either paint some eggs (which you've got stashed away) or make chocolate eggs from scratch and enjoy some messy play. This bank holiday isn't sounding too bad after all!

Before you hit the shop button, here are 7 fun ideas for holidays at home with childrenand 13 child-friendly films that adults will love too, that'll also keep you busy this weekend.

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Everything you need to throw an Easter egg hunt at home

EYLIN 12 Pack Easter Hunt Arrows1 of 9

EYLIN 12 Pack Easter Hunt Arrows

Direct your little ones to find their Easter eggs with these fun arrow signs. Whether you're planning to hold your egg hunt in the house or garden, this pack of 12 will help get the game started. Plus, you can store them away easily, and use them again next year.

Easter Bunny Chick Egg Hunt Bags2 of 9
CREDIT: Not On The High Street

Easter Bunny Chick Egg Hunt Bags

The little'uns need to carry their eggs around the house in something and these adorable bags will do the trick. It comes with six so if they break one you'll have some spare.

Prextex Toy Filled Easter Eggs3 of 9

Prextex Toy Filled Easter Eggs

Want to keep the kid's busy hours after the egg hunt is over? This arrangement of eggs with secret toys inside are just the answer. We want the mini Rubik's Cube!The set includes: We can't believe you can get your hands on 30 eggs with 30 toys inside. Expect everything from a mini pull back car to a mini-maze.

Galaxy Easter Caramel Mini Eggs4 of 9

Galaxy Easter Caramel Mini Eggs Pouch 80g

Children and adults alike will have fun on the search for these golden eggs. Throw in some riddles, hints or clues and you can have a whole afternoon of fun indoors.

EAMBRITE Easter Egg Tree5 of 9

EAMBRITE Easter Egg Tree

OK, so this Easter you're not going to be jetting off on holiday. But, if social distancing has taught us anything, it is that family is super important. So, make your family smile with this Easter tree! If you're doing an Easter Egg hunt, make sure that one of the challenges incorporates the tree.

Chocolate Eggs 1kg6 of 9

Chocolate Eggs 1kg

Why hide one egg, when you can make the Easter egg hunt last for hours with 1kg of chocolate eggs? We'll take three and the kids will probably still want more!

Easter Egg Shape Silicone Trays7 of 9

Easter Egg Shape Silicone Trays

Want to extend the fun further? How about you make some chocolate eggs for your Easter egg hunt? The kids will love helping you out in the kitchen and getting stuck into messy play.

Cadbury Large Easter8 of 9

Cadbury Large Easter Egg Trio

After all the running around the house looking in cupboards is going to be hard work. Reward your little ones with the best prize ever, a Cadbury Large Easter. **This set includes:**1 x 249g Cadbury Large Wispa Easter Egg,1 x 258g Cadbury Large Creme Egg Egg1 x 262g Cabury Large Shell Egg Twirl

Design Your Own Easter Gift Set9 of 9
CREDIT: Not On The High Street

Design Your Own Easter Gift Set

We're obsessed with this gift set from Not On The High Street, which allows you to create the ultimate Easter egg hunt surprise. It includes a milk chocolate or dark chocolate chicken, a sweet wooden easter bunny decoration and a signature luxury gift box.

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