13 child-friendly films that adults will love too

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Staying at home will likely be proving difficult for a lot of people, but there's one family member we can always rely on to keep things ticking over as normal and help us stay sane.

That family member is the television.

It's great to get out and play in the garden when the weather is nice, but what about rainy days or night time? While we know that this extra time with our families is precious, there's no shame in plonking the little ones in front of the box for an easy win in the evenings.

But there's nothing easy about watching Frozen for the 35th time - and now there's two of them, you could find yourself stuck in an Elsa-induced hell in a matter of days.

Though it's no doubt a great film - we LOVE that true love doesn't just have to be between a Prince and his Princess any more - we've rounded up thirteen OTHER great films to watch with the kids that you're guaranteed to love too.

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Child-friendly films that adults will love too

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Jungle Book

While the classic Disney remakes have been a mixed bag (revisit them all at Disney+ now), this feat of incredible animation had us fully invested in Mowgli's friendships with Baloo and Bagheera. We LOVE that the remake's honoured some of the most famous songs, but the subtle changes to the story make this a great watch for adults.

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

It's well known that the book's author Roald Dahl hated the 1971 film, but his daughter Sophie thinks he would have loved the ethereal direction of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp's Willy Wonka far more. The musical aspect has been stripped right back for more compelling storytelling, and the magical set is a feast for the eyes.

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Big Hero 6

This is a great film for anyone who loves Japanese anime, with all the animation based on the popular genre. It's also a heart-warming tale about a boy and his inflatable healthcare robot best friend, saving their city from evil.

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Possibly the most underrated of the Disney animated films, Zootropolis has a plot which may scramble little minds (they'll be enthralled by the detailed animation, though) and as a result is great for adults. And it's laughs by the bucket-load – look out for the sloths in the Zootopia Department of Motor Vehicles.

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Inside Out

Grown-ups will appreciate the nuances of the five emotions that live inside Riley's head, and the scenes where we get to take a peek inside mum's mind are particularly relatable. It's got plenty of touching moments, all to the backdrop of Pixar's immersive animations.

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The Incredibles

You know a kids film is above par when it wins an Oscar – and The Incredibles won two and received pretty much universal acclaim. It's got plenty of funny bits, but underpinning the plot is a dark premise that'll be lost on kids. We also love that it pokes fun at traditional superhero tropes.

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This is a great Disney offering for mums looking to empower their daughters, with lead character Meredith running the show and ultimately saving the day. Disney have been pretty good at reframing their classic princess stories for today's audiences (see also: Frozen, Tangled, and Moana), and we particularly love this one.

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CREDIT: Dreamworks

Chicken Run

Wallace and Gromit will always have in a place in our hearts, but this story of a group of battery chickens conspiring to escape from certain death by the same studio is well worth a watch. The plot is pretty dark when you think about it, but the slapstick-inspired comedy will be a hit with both kids and grown ups.

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We'll leave this up to you to decide if this one is age-appropriate (probably best for older kids), but either way, Labyrinth was a stroke of 80s film making genius, with all the state-of-the-art effects of the day and David Bowie in the role of the formidable goblin king.

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Parent Trap

Cast your mind back to a time before Lindsay Lohan shot to the A list with her role in Mean Girls (and her subsequent fall from grace) to a more innocent time, when she played both twins in this remake of the 1961 favourite. Worth a watch, if only to relive her plummy British accent.

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Harry Potter

OBVIOUSLY, the Harry Potter films have universal appeal, just like the books. The best thing about these is that the age-appropriateness of the films follows Harry's own growth, with the first films full of enchantment and the last incredible blockbusting tombs worthy of JK Rowlings' incredible imagination.

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Another from the mind of much-loved children's author Roald Dahl, Matilda is one of those films that harks back to childhood. Scenes from inside the library evoke some happy memories, and the sympathy we feel for Boris Bogtrotter, the hatred for Mrs Trunchbull and the purest, happiest ending are REAL.

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Paddington 1 & 2

These remakes of the much-loved British storybooks about a bear from darkest Peru have been written just as much for adults eager to relive their childhoods as for the kids experiencing his charm for the first time. It's nostalgic and very funny, with lots of subtle jokes just for us grown-ups.

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You may have spotted that a fair few of these offerings are from Disney.

And it's true - from the old classics to their new animated films and live action remakes, the wonderful world of Walt Disney studios have given us some of the most magical films of the last century.

So it will come as great news to parents thatDisney+ has just launched, where you can find ALL your Disney needs in one place - including films from Pixar studios and Marvel, the Star Wars franchise and access to National Geographic for when the kids go to bed.

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