Yazmin Oukhellou teases ‘future husband’ after walking away from ‘toxic relationship’

Yaz is back on TOWIE after moving to Dubai

Yazmin Oukhellou

by Nathan Katnoria |

Yazmin Oukhellou has teased that she's found her 'future husband' after years of unlucky relationships.

Taking to Instagram this week, Yaz dropped a massive hint that she's off the market by sharing a meme that read,

She simply captioned the post with loads of 🙈 emojis. Interesting. Maybe she's manifesting her dream man to come along before the end of the year?

Yaz is believed to be single after ending her romance with Lauren Goodger's ex Jake McLean following reports that Jack was “acting single” as he partied in the UAE alongside Love Island's Ellie Jones.

After the news broke, Yaz shared a sassy quote that read, "You ain’t finding another like me" and hasn't mentioned Jake since.

yazmin oukhellou
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Yaz has been involved in some of the biggest and best TOWIE storylines since joining the show in 2017, so we were thrilled when she made a shock comeback last year following her dramatic split from James Lock.

The reality star's relationship woes didn't end there though as, after moving on with Lauren Goodger's jailbird ex Jake McLean, Yaz was hit by reports that her boyfriend spent the night with Love Island star Ellie Jones - something the 2018 Islander denies.

While we wait for series 30 of TOWIE to hit our screens (and it seems like we'll be waiting a while), here's everything you need to know about Yaz.

Who is Yazmin Oukhellou?

Yazmin Oukhellou is a reality star, influencer and business owner who rose to fame on ITVBe reality show The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE).

How old is Yazmin Oukhellou?

Yazmin is currently 27 years old. She was born on 3 May 1994.

Yazmin Oukhellou joined the cast of TOWIE alongside her then-boyfriend James Lock in 2017 and went on to become one of the show’s biggest names.

As well as her on/off relationship with Lockie, she’s also been involved in drama with the other girls on the show like Amber Turner, Courtney Green and Chloe Meadows and was more recently caught in the middle of Amber’s feud with her best friend Nicole Bass.

In 2021, Yaz announced that she was leaving TOWIE behind to focus on her new business ventures in Dubai. However, after a brief career change as a real estate agent in the UAE, Yaz made a shock return to TOWIE last year to confront Lockie over his fling with Chloe Brockett.

Where is Yazmin Oukhellou from?

Essex, of course – although she went to university in Newcastle and temporarily moved to Dubai in 2021.

Have Yazmin Oukhellou and James Lock split?

Yep - Yaz and Lockie split for the second time in February 2021 after "a huge argument" during their trip to Dubai, which left Yazmin desperate to leave the UAE hotspot.

"James and I have split up amicably. I love James but we’re not good together. It couldn’t go on the way it was so I told James we should end things and he agreed," she told OK! magazine in 2021.

Their split came just months after they confirmed they'd rekindled their relationship after breaking up in 2019 when Yaz accused Lockie of cheating on her while they were on holiday together.

Yazmin Oukhellou James Lock

What happened between Yazmin Oukhellou and Ellie Jones?

Last year following her split from James Lock, Yaz moved on with new boyfriend Jake McLean during her time in Dubai.

However, earlier this year, reports claimed Jake - who previously dated Lauren Goodger - spent the night with Love Island 2018 star and Jack Fincham's ex Ellie Jones after they were spotted leaving a club together.

According to sources at the Dubai club, Jake “definitely didn’t look like he had a girlfriend” before he headed home with Ellie. The insider told The Sun, “Jake and Ellie were partying with friends at a club and ended up getting close.

“They were seen leaving together at the end of the night and going back to his place. They had instant chemistry and were all over each other."

However, a spokesperson for Ellie insisted she didn’t spend the night with Jake and said, "Ellie is out on holiday in Dubai with a group of friends. They all went out for drinks and met up with another group of friends in which Jake was a part of that friend group.

“At the end of the night a group of five males and females who are all in the same friend group went back to the apartment Jake is currently staying in. Ellie did not go back to Jake’s on her own and would like to confirm all accusations made are completely false and untrue.”

Speaking to OK! magazine, they added, "[Ellie] feels this comment and story has been sold in spite aimed at Jake to create fake stories and rumours.

“There is nothing else to it and Ellie is upset that just her name has been dragged into this from a completely innocent night out with a group of friends.”

Who is Yazmin Oukhellou dating?

Yazmin is thought to be single after deleting all trace of Jake from her Instagram following those rumours he spent the night with Love Islander Ellie. At the time, she reposted a quote which read, "You made that choice to improve yourself for a reason. Don't go backwards to habits and situations that weren't helping you evolve.

"You have to keep reminding yourself why you even decided to move forward. Stay positive about what's to come by being consistent with your change."

Yaz later posted a short clip of comedian and TV host Steve Harvey saying, "Sometimes the break up is actually the blessing" - which is a little less cryptic.

Yazmin recently opened up about her experiences of domestic abuse in a previous relationship with an unnamed partner. The abuse was physical and psychological and led her to contemplate suicide.

She shared her experience on Instagram as the caption for a video where she promoted her wellness retreat that could help others.

She wrote, "I have been a victim of domestic abuse. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I haven’t been ready to speak about it until now but I feel that what has happened to me, as hard as this is to say, it’s like this has happened for a reason.

"So that I can now use my platform for good and help as many of you as I can going through the same as what I did."

She went on to share her experience suffering from suicidal thoughts in relation to her abuse.

She wrote, "I was left battered, bruised, fearing for my life on so many occasions and even contemplating ending my own life where I felt so worthless and I just couldn’t see a way out."

She went on to detail the abuse saying, "I was blackmailed with private photos, beaten up, belittled, made to feel crazy, cheated on and isolated from my family and friends.

"I now look back and cannot believe how I stayed for so long and how I allowed myself to be treated so terribly.

"Now I am out of it and can see clearly again because anyone in a situation like I was will know what I mean when I say you feel as if your brain feels fuzzy like your not even really here but you are it’s the strangest feeling.

"I look back and think how did I put up with that torture for so long. Making out to the world, my family and friends that I had the perfect life when the reality was worse than you could ever imagine."

Yazmin's Ex James Lock voiced his support, commenting on the post, "Proud of you 🙌❤️".

We commend Yazmin for being able to so candidly share her experiences as this will help so many who have experienced or are currently experiencing domestic abuse. It is also incredible that she has been able to use her platform for good and even create a programme, alongside a team of experts, to help others in similar situations.

If you or a friend or family member need support, you can contact the Freephone 24 Hour National Domestic Violence Helpline (run in partnership between Women’s Aid and Refuge) on: 0808 2000 247

Has Yazmin Oukhellou quit TOWIE?

Yazmin announced she was quitting TOWIE to focus on a new business venture in February 2021. After making the move from Essex to Dubai, Yaz revealed she was pursuing a career in real estate and would be training to get her estate agent licence.

A TOWIE spokesperson confirmed she was no longer a part of the show, but refused to rule out a return in the future.

They said, "Yaz has decided to stay in Dubai to pursue a career in real estate so she won’t be starting this series of The Only Way is Essex. We support this decision and wish her well in this new venture. As with other cast, the door remains open should she return to Essex."

However she's since returned to TOWIE and admitted that she's here to stay after leaving Dubai.

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What other shows has Yazmin Oukhellou been on?

After rising to fame on TOWIE, Yazmin has also appeared on Celebrity Dinner Date, Eating With My Ex, Evil Monkeys and Your Face or Mine?

Why did Yazmin Oukhellou fall out with Amber Turner?

On/off friends Yazmin and Amber first fell out in 2018 when Yaz admitted she was "upset" that she didn't get invited out with the rest of the girls. But things took a turn when Amber pointed out that Yaz and and then-boyfriend Lockie kept making "digs" about her relationship with Dan Edgar.

Yaz then had a bust-up with Amber and her pals Courtney Green and Chloe Meadows on a night out, where Courtney says Yazmin "picked on everyone's weaknesses". Yaz later accused Amber of trying to "exclude" her from the group in an epic showdown at the gym.

Yazmin Oukhellou Amber Turner

Fast forward a couple of years and Yaz and Amber were firm friends after resolving their differences but it wasn't long before they fell out once again when they launched rival fitness apps.

Amber broke down in tears as she admitted she doesn't feel like Yazmin supports her business and the pair agreed to no longer be friends.

Does Yazmin Oukhellou have her own business?

Yaz opened the doors to her own shop, Y.A.Z Boutique, in October 2019. She also launched a fitness app Live Like Yaz a year later.

What surgery has Yazmin Oukhellou had?

Yazmin revealed she'd jetted off to Turkey to have a nose job in 2017, although the surgery was for medical reasons rather cosmetic.

"I had a previous broken nose and deviated septum so surgery was the only option for me. I am so glad I did it as I was nervous at first but so happy that I can now breathe properly and that the small bump has gone," she told fans at the time.

A year later, she confirmed that she'd had a second boob job after her first breast augmentation left her with scarring that "really knocked [her] confidence".

It later came to light that Yazmin had high definition vaser liposuction and a Brazilian bum lift at the end of 2020 when her surgeon Dr. Kerim Unal unveiled the results.

Speaking about going under the knife, Yaz told new! magazine, "I really don't want people thinking I'm promoting it to young girls... It's not something I'm encouraging people to go out and get, but it's made me feel a lot better in a swimsuit."

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Where are Yazmin Oukhellou’s parents from?

Yazmin is of Moroccan heritage on her dad Hamid's side, while her mum Lisa's family come from Scotland. They both regularly appeared on TOWIE alongside Yaz, as well as her Nanny Hilda.

Who is Yazmin Oukhellou’s brother?

Yazmin has a younger brother called Adam who appeared on Ex on the Beach in 2017. He went on to appear in TOWIE a year later and briefly dated Chloe Sims. Adam was also previously in a relationship with Yaz's best pal Nicole Bass.

Does Yazmin Oukhellou have Twitter and Instagram?

Yep, you can follow Yaz on Twitter and Instagram at @yazminoukhellou.

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