EXCLUSIVE! Love Island’s Anna Vakili on the producers: ‘They said I was going a bit too crazy’

Well, this definitely didn't air on TV

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Love Island 2019 may have been two years ago but it's still very much etched into our minds.

Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Mallet's iconic relationship, Amber Gill and Greg O'Shea winning the show despite only know each other for a few days and Anna Vakili and Jordan Hames' infamous feud.

Just two days after he asked Anna to be his girlfriend, he tried to crack on with India Reynolds (even though she was coupled up with Ovie Soko) and when Anna found out it all kicked off in the villa.

love island anna jordan india
anna was furious with jordan ©ITV

Now Anna and Amber have revealed that a lot of content was cut from the episode because the argument went on for quite some time.

"That famous row between me and Jordan was actually cut big time. It was way worse than what they showed," Anna explained.

love island anna jordan india
jordan tried to crack on with india even though he had a girlfriend ©ITV

Amber even admitted, "It was so bad. It went on for so long as well, it would have been the whole episode."

However it turns out that producers had some words for Anna.

"They had to take me to the Beach Hut the next day and say 'you were going a bit too crazy for TV'," she explained.

Amber, who at the time defended her BFF, added, "She was being real and honest."

love island anna jordan india
jordan pulled india for a chat ©ITV

And despite all the drama including Curtis Pritchard "knowing he messed up" (remember, he was the one who told Jordan he should go for it with India, and THEN told Maura that Jordan was pulling India for a chat and the Irish bombshell then told Anna the tea), Anna and Amber revealed that all the girls were backing her.

"The boys were more neutral but all the girls 100% were backing you all the way," Amber revealed.

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During our exclusive chat with Anna and Amber they also revealed the behind the scenes secret about the show that shocked them the most.

"A lot of things that happened in the villa we weren't expecting. I didn't think there would be producers on site, I didn't think there would be speakers where they speak to us...

"When you watch it from the outside you don't think those things are happening," Anna revealed.

Amber added, "You don't realise how much free time you have in the day as well. You do have times where you don't do anything.

"So when we had free time that's how we made such good friends because it wasn't always about dating."

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