Love Island: sorry, but why is Hugo Hammond still in the villa?

He's literally not even trying at this point

love island hugo hammond

by Eden-Olivia Lord |

Now we know that Love Island is basically six to eight weeks of drama, and if we're lucky one or two couples actually last in the real world, but at this point it seems that Hugo Hammond isn't even trying to find love.

He's an OG boy from the 2021 series and has been on the show for more than three weeks but he's yet to find love. Of course he shouldn't force any relationship in the villa but surely he should at least try?

At first he coupled up with Faye Winter but after she chose Brad McClelland, he was forced to couple up with Sharon Gaffka.

love island hugo
hugo's still yet to find love ©ITV

It quickly became clear that he wasn't interested in Sharon - remember the argument he had with Sharon and Faye about 'fakeness'?

He then got in a couple with Chloe Burrows which quickly turned platonic and then he reunited with Sharon again, in a friendship couple.

He appeared to show an interest in bombshell AJ - aka Andrea-Jane Bunker - but after she chose him during a recoupling he aired his doubts on whether she's his type and he seemed more concerned about Sharon being booted from the villa.

After Danny Bibby entered the villa and showed an interest in AJ, Hugo quickly called her for a chat and ended their 'romance'.

love island faye hugo
at one point hugo was coupled up with faye ©ITV

Which wouldn't be weird except they're on a TV show where the aim is to find love and even if you're only on the show for fame and potentially bagging £50k, you still need to actually be in a couple to get to the final...

Of course in the past there's been a few Islanders who have had a rocky time in the villa - Camilla Thurlow and Amber Gill all spring to mind - but if you look back at their time in the villa they all still tried to get to know the person they were coupled up with.

In fact, they only really seemed to air their disinterest when someone else came into the villa... which is why Hugo's actions seem a little confusing.

love island hugo aj
hugo ended things with aj ©ITV

Is he actually trying to find love or is he just enjoying a free holiday because so far he seems to be just chilling in the villa.

He's recently gotten to know new bombshell Georgia Townend but after she revealed she has a cat he moaned and she quickly backtracked and said she likes both cats and dogs.

Then Georgia admitted she's more of a horses person and again he immediately complained because his ex likes horses too. Although he did say, "It's fine I'm terrible with horses," but still.

And it seems that lots of viewers seem to be confused with his experience in the villa too as one person tweeted, "I’m convinced Hugo came on the show for a free holiday. #loveisland".

Someone else said, "I'm tired, Hugo go home this isn't Friends Island #LoveIsland".

Another person wrote, "Personally I think Hugo needs to leave Love Island, he’s taking up space #LoveIsland".

And a fourth added, "At this point Hugo must want Laura Whitmore’s job because he definitely doesn’t want love 😭 #loveIsland".

Again, we've seen Islanders do this before where they manage to swan themselves pretty far throughout the show. Montana Brown springs to mind. Remember during the 2017 series she struggled to find love but eventually coupled up with Alex Beattie.

So does Ovie Soko who coupled up with Anna Vakili during Casa Amor but later got mugged off after she got back with Jordan Hames. He later found love (kind of) with India Reynolds and they came third during the 2019 series.

love island india and ovie
ovie managed to couple up with india at the end ©itv

Again though, Montana and Ovie appeared to actually try and get to know someone in the villa.

And can we please discuss Hugo's type? During the challenge that resulted in the girls being furious with him, he said that his biggest turn-off was "fakeness" and then he said that his type on paper is a "leggy blonde. Not fake".

Before even going into the villa it usually comes to light that the majority of the Islanders have had some sort of "cosmetic surgery", so why exactly is Hugo on Love Island?

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The only other Islander that Hugo seems to be following in the footsteps is Dr Alex George.

He too failed to find love during his time in the villa despite coupling up with Samira Mighty, Grace Wardle and finally Alexandra Cane.

Just when we all thought Dr Alex and Alexandra were the real deal they went on a date but he seemed more happy with the car he was driving that actually spending alone time with Alexandra...

Then days before the final he ended things with Alexandra. Shortly after the Islanders were forced to vote for the couple they think should be dumped and Dr Alex and Alexandra were dumped from the island meaning they just missed out on the villa.

We wonder if Hugo will follow in Dr Alex's footsteps...

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