Love Island: Amy and Joanna spill the tea on their ‘day off’ in the villa

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Amy Hart and Joanna Chimonides reveals what really happens in the villa on Saturdays

There's been lots of reports that the Love Island stars get a "day off" from the villa with former Islanders confessing they got to spend the day at the beach on Saturdays (when she the doesn't air on TV).

Well now Amy Hart and Joanna Chimonides has spoken out about the alleged day off and said it's not true, in fact they revealed they constantly have their microphones on them... even in the toilet.

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If you cast your mind back to the summer of 2018, you may remember that the World Cup was on. And it must have been torture for a big fan like Josh, then a SPORTbible presenter, to go without knowing the scores.Or maybe not."One of the runners was like a big football fan," Josh revealed, speaking on the Prevayl: Better Begins Here podcast."So sometimes we'd go and get a drink in the evening. The runner would pop his head around and he'd show me a highlight of like something. So, I found out (football updates) at that point, but he wasn't there all the time."

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Speaking to Closer Online, the former air hostess said: "Saturdays isn't a day off. We don't have days off we have our microphones the whole time.

"Every day I was in there I was mic'd and filmed."

Joanna went on to joke: "We don't even get Sundays off. Weekends don't exist on Love Island."

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Amy even went on to say that the producers are constantly listening to their conversations.

"One day I complained about something and the next thing I got called to the lounge and there was a medic there.

"I wasn't even that ill, I said 'sorry I didn't mean to call someone'. You have to be careful what you say."

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In more Love Island news, Yewande previously admitted that Anton Danyluk plays up to the cameras and the Islanders actually told him about it.

Speaking to us, she explained: "I think Anton plays up to the camera a little bit.

"We always used to say it to him in the villa... I'm sure they still say it to him a little bit.

"I think him giving his number to the cashier the other day kind of amplifies that."

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