Axed Geordie Shore star Faith Mullen RETURNS to show 👼

'I hope the edit stays true'

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by Hannah Mellin |

Former Geordie Shore cast member Faith Mullen is officially returning to film scenes for the reunion shows that will be airing (hopefully) later this year.

The new series will celebrate over ten years of the hit MTV show and will see old Geordie faces reunite for one last time to reflect back on the carnage. Charlotte CrosbyHolly HaganSophie KasaeiMarnie Simpson and OG Jay Gardner are all in the line-up.

It won't just be the OGs returning either, as Faith, who only appeared in series 19 before being axed, has revealed that she has filmed scenes for the show.

Taking to Instagram to share a snap of herself sitting in one of those iconic VT chairs, she wrote, "Four years later…back where it all started 💚."

When one of her followers commented, "She’s only comin back on our screens!😍", Faith went on to explain that she hoped she gets some screen time, "Don’t get too excited ahaha I’ll probably only get one second of camera time no doubt, but so healing so be able to close this whole journey in a positive way❤️."

"Happy for you either way!" her fan returned. "I hope the edit of you stays true to who you are and what you want to gain from it!"

Faith also took to TikTok to film outside the Geordie Shore house, "First time here in four years and probably the last ever time… So thankful to have such positive closure #geordieshore #mtv #gshore."

Faith's triumphant return comes after she recently thanked fans for their support following a "month of hell" in her private life.

She took to social media to vow to move onwards and upwards and recently took to Instagram to share her new "life motto". Reposting a photo from an influencer which was captioned, "Bored of being single but too sexy to be tied down by anything that's not rope 🤪."

The former reality star added, "Rosie giving me my new life motto."

Faith's latest post comes just weeks after she updated her followers on what’s been going on in her life. Posting a selfie on her Instagram stories, she wrote, “Just wanted to do a little psa thanking everyone who shows me love on here. Feel like I’ve gone to hell and back this last month in my private life.

"I‘ve really not had it in me to be replying to comments and messages etc I can barely keep up contact with my irl people but I just wanted to say it doesn’t go unnoticed and it really means the world.

“I’m excited for what’s coming up in the next couple of months and I hope yous will be too ❤️.”

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Three years on from being axed from the show, ‘plus size princess’ Faith is now working as a social media manager and virtual assistant, where she helps up and coming influencers.

Who is Faith Mullen?

She’s a Geordie reality star who starred on the 18th series of Geordie Shore. Faith, 22, was a breath of fresh air for the MTV series when she joined as she described herself as "plus sized and proud".

Why was Faith Mullen axed from Geordie Shore?

Faith was axed from the show after just one series.

In a video called 'My truth... Geordie Shore" posted to her YouTube channel, Faith explained that months after filming finished she was out and drinking in Newcastle when she was involved in an "altercation".

In an apparently unrelated incident, producers took her to boutique hotel Malmaison a couple of months later to tell she was being taken down to "part time" filming, rather than being a full time cast mate. Something she says she was excited about.

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Gaz Beadle

Gaz Beadle was the card carrying Alpha of the crew, who had a "degree in pulling women" and was the cause of A LOT of heartache for Charlotte Crosby.

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However, it was only when she saw a picture of the new series 19 cast that she realised one of them was the person she had an "altercation" with last year, and that she was "shaken" by the revelation.

geordie shore faith mullen

Although she refuses to name the cast mate on camera, Faith says that she made producers aware of the situation, and that she declined to do any filming with the person until they'd sat down and sorted out their differences.

Faith, who says she put on two stone during the six weeks of filming for series 18, then claimed that her planned inclusion in the show included a "plus-size" fashion shoot that Chloe Ferry and Sophie Kasaei would help her with. However, it didn't materialise.

Does Faith Mullen still speak to the Geordie Shore cast?

Despite the drama, Faith is still followed on Instagram by Chloe Ferry, Sophie Kasaei and Nathan Henry, which means that she hasn’t cut all ties with her Geordie family just yet.

Does Faith Mullen have Instagram?

She sure does, go follow her over on @faithsinead.

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