Chantelle Connelly reveals baby boy’s name and details difficult birth

Chantelle Connelly reveals baby boy’s name and details difficult birth

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Geordie Shore star Chantelle Connelly gave birth earlier this week after undergoing an emergency C-section, with the star’s mum sharing the news of the arrival.

And Chantelle – who starred on Geordie Shore in 2016 – has now revealed the name of her new baby, who she shares with boyfriend Lee.

The tot, who arrived in the early hours of Tuesday morning, has been called Ricardo.

Chantelle, 29, has given more details about the difficult birth afterher mum originally shared the news earlier this week.

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Geordie Shore cast - then and now

Charlotte Crosby in 20111 of 32
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Charlotte Crosby in 2011

A fresh-faced Charlotte Crosby poses at a photo-call before the first ever series of MTV's Geordie Shore aired.

Charlotte-crosby2 of 32

Charlotte Crosby

Charlotte's had a massive transformation over the years, and has been smashing it in her career since her Geordie days. She's hosted her own TV show 'Just Tattoo Of Us', released her own book and fitness DVD, and has a clothing range with In The Style and a houseware range called Naked Lane.

Holly Hagan3 of 32
CREDIT: Tony Kyriacou/REX/Shutterstock

Holly Hagan in 2011

Before her Geordie Shore debut, Holly Hagan looked like this.

Holly Hagan4 of 32
CREDIT: Instagram

Holly Hagan now

Now, it would seem that Holly's taken some inspo from Kim K, as her look has drastically changed. She engaged to be wed to footballer Jacob Blythe and is all about good mental health and body positivity.

Greg Lake5 of 32
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Greg Lake in 2011

Greg appeared in Geordie Shore from the very beginning, but didn't make it past series 1. Oops.

Greg Lake6 of 32
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Greg Lake now

Greg is now married to Hollyoaks star Jennifer Metcalfe, and they have a baby together. Awww.

Gaz Beadle7 of 32

Gaz Beadle in 2011

Here's Gaz before embarking on his long-running career on Geordie Shore.

Gary Beadle8 of 32
CREDIT: Instagram

Gary Beadle

In terms of poses not much has changed - he still loves a good selfie and photoshoot. But believe it or not, this Geordie hunk has left the dating scene behind, because he's loved up with girlfriend Emma McVey. They are parents to son Chester and new baby girl, Blossom.

James Tindale9 of 32
CREDIT: Shutterstock

James Tindale in 2011

James's debut on Geordie Shore saw him spend 90% of his time at the gym and the remaining 10% flexing his muscles in the mirror.

James Tindale10 of 32
CREDIT: Instagram

James Tindale now

Looks like he stuck at it, now owning his own gym in the 'toon. James actually returned to the Geordie Shore house in 2019 after breaking up with his long-term girlfriend, Kate. "In the past I have been a very, very toned down person so this time I went in no fucks given, done what I want, said what I wanted," he told The Sun"This time I am just me. I was the only single lad in there so I did what I wanted."

Jay Gardner11 of 32
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Jay Gardner in 2011

'The dad of the Geordie group' Jay was the oldest member of the show. Who could forget those iconic brows...

Jay Gardner12 of 32
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Jay Gardner now

And years later, his brows are still on fleek.

Vicky Pattison13 of 32
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Vicky Pattison in 2011

Fiesty Vicky has had quite the transformation over the years...

Vicky Pattison14 of 32

Vicky Pattison

VIP Vicky has had quite the rollercoaster in her career and her personal life since her Geordie days. She won I'm a Celebrity in 2016 and has had a successful career on daytime TV, including This Morning and Loose Women. She was engaged to childhood sweetheart John Noble but they split in 2018 after he was caught cheating, but she's now happier than ever with one time TOWIE star Ercan Ramadan.

Sophie Kasaei15 of 32

Sophie Kasaei in 2011

Sophie joined the Geordie Shore show in series 1, but was axed for her bad behaviour 2 years later. Naughty.She later returned to the show in 2016 with a slightly newer cast!

Sophie Kasei16 of 32
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Sophie Kasaei now

She's since glowed upppppppp, and has been on and off the show more times that you could shake a stick at. She's since joined Aaron, Marnie and Holly on Geordie OG's, MTV's spin off. We're loving perving on her home Instagram account, Kasaamor.

Ricci Guarnaccio17 of 32

Ricci Guarnaccio in 2011

Ricci joined the show in series 2, and had a rollercoaster of a relationship with Vicki Pattison, to whom he was engaged for about five minutes.

Ricci Guarnaccio18 of 32
CREDIT: Instagram

Ricci Guarnaccio now - aged 31

It would seem that since leaving the show he's decided to embark on a new journey.... of growing a beard, after undergoing THREE hair transplants.

Rebecca Walker19 of 32

Rebecca Walker in 2012

Rebecca also joined the show in series 2, and was known for her bust-ups, dramas and fallouts.

Rebecca Walker20 of 32
CREDIT: Instagram

Rebecca Walker now

Now, she's ditched the party days and has recently become a mum. Say WHAT?!

Daniel Thomas21 of 32

Daniel Thomas

Dan joined Geordie Shore the fourth series and left at the end of series 5.

Daniel Thomas22 of 32

Daniel Thomas now

He doesn't look all that different now, but he's certainly been enjoying life (and the gym).

Scott Timlin23 of 32

Scott Timlin 2013

Life and soul of the party Scotty T joined the show in series 4.

Scotty T24 of 32
CREDIT: Instagram

Scotty T now

And WHAT a career this Geordie has had. From winning Celebrity Big Brother to landing a cameo appearance in Neighbours to even having a girlfriend (well, for a bit), he's definitely seen success in the media industry.

Marnie Simspon25 of 32

Marnie Simspon 2014

Marnie was one of the last cast mates to join Geordie Shore - entering the house in series 7. Back then, she described herself a "natural beauty".

Marnie Simpson26 of 32
CREDIT: Instagram

Marnie Simpson now - aged 25

Marnie had several cosmetic procedures done since being on the show, including a nose job, lip fillers and a boob job. She moved in with boyfriend Casey Johnson after meeting on MTV dating show 'Single AF' and the two welcomed a baby boy, Rox, in late 2019.

Aaron Chalmers27 of 32

Aaron Chalmers then

Tatted-up Aaron Chalmers joined in the eighth series and had an infamous on-off relationship with Marnie. It was SO juicy to watch.

Aaron Chalmers28 of 32
CREDIT: Instagram

Aaron Chalmers now

Aaron quit Geordie Shore to focus on his career as an MMA fighter, along with his spending more time on his relationship and being a dad to his new son Romeo, who he welcomed in 2020.

Kyle Christie29 of 32

Kyle Christie then

How young does Kyle look?! We barely even recognised this Geordie Shore star.

Kyle Christie30 of 32
CREDIT: Instagram

Kyle Christie now

Well HELLO there Kyle. Talk about a transformation people - Kyle's looking hella fit after undergoing a number of cosmetic procedures and hair transplants.

Boss Anna31 of 32

Boss Anna

Anna really tried her best to crack the whip when Geordie Shore exploded onto our screens and was the only one that like likes of Vicky Pattison and Gaz Beadle truly feared. She had a hard time though, bless her, as many of the jobs she sent the cast on ended in pure radgie antics.

Boss Anna32 of 32
CREDIT: Instagram

Boss Anna

Tired Anna handed the boss baton to Scotty T (god knows why and it wasn't long as he was soon suspended from the show) in 2018, she hasn't been seen since. In 2019 though, Anna took to Instagram to reveal that she was on the hunt for people to complete a Beauty Therapy Level 3 VTCT please drop me a message - so it looks like she's still doing what she does best.

Chantelle Connelly

Admitting Chantelle didn't actually know she had given birth yet because she was still in theatre, her mum, Allison, wrote, "My beautiful grandson born 6 minutes past. 6 weighs 6lb 6oz. Chantelle doesn't know he's here yet had an emergency section she is still in theatre they had to put her to sleep she wl wake up to this beautiful little bundle. [sic]”

Now, Chantelle has given further details of the traumatic delivery in an interview with The Sun.

She explained that before giving birth she had experienced painful contractions “for a couple of days.” When arriving at hospital, she was only 2cm dilated and was unable to receive an epidural until she was at least 4cm dilated.

Chantelle told The Sun, “I went back two hours later, crippled in agony with the pain and they decided to give me an epidural and break my waters.

“The next thing, it just went pear-shaped. My mum and partner, Lee, were like: ‘Chantelle, are you okay?’ - all I could remember is that I felt like I was going to sleep.

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“My mum is a nurse and knows exactly what the monitor was saying, my blood pressure had dropped to around 60, my mum said I could have gone into cardiac arrest, that is what I was slipping into.”

Chantelle went on to explain that a medical team rushed to try and flush out the epidural from her system and she was then raced to theatre and put under anesthetic in order to save her baby’s life.

Before she woke up, Chantelle’s mother revealed her baby had arrived, weighing 6lb 6oz.

The star announced she was pregnant in September, posting the message to her Facebook, 'Over the moon to announce me and Lee are having a baby. Could not be happier. Can't wait for my happy little family.'

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