Kelsey Stratford speaks out on Ella Rae Wise feud

The TOWIE star shines more light on the recent feud 👀

Kelsey Stratford and Ella Rae Wise

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TOWIE stars [Kelsey Stratford](http://Kelsey Stratford: everything you need to know about the TOWIE star) and Ella Rae Wise's friendship has really been on the rocks this year. The pair went from being BFFs on the show, to falling out over (surprise, surprise) a man. There have been many ups and downs throughout the latest series and whilst they managed to make up at the end of the series, they were both axed.

Kelsey accused Ella of getting off with a guy she fancied, which led to a breakdown of their friendship. Following this Kelsey only went and became friends with Chloe Brockett again, causing further drama between the two.


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Whilst Ella accused Chloe of getting in her former BFF's ear, Kelsey, exclusively speaking to Closer, claimed, "Chloe wasn’t there when Ella kissed that boy. Chloe isn’t making Ella’s decisions for Ella, it’s Ella’s fault. It has nothing to do with Chloe."

Honestly, their whole fallout was a bit of a rollercoaster (and was definitely one of the highlights of the last series). By the end of the series it seemed that Kelsey and Ella had made up. Some recent posts on Kelsey's Instagram story, however, suggests there is still tension between the two.

In the first part of her Story, when asked by a fan if her and Ella were still friends, Kelsey wrote, "No we're not."

kelseystratford's Instagram story
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She responded to another question about their friendship in a different part of the story, writing, "We were close for a long time, but a lot of things happened and I think we just grew out of our friendship, it happens!

"I don't hate her& I wouldn't ever throw shade on her and she shouldn't with me either... I wish her all the best but I think it's better off us not being friends."

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kelseystratford's Instagram story
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From this it seems like their friendship has well and truly run its course despite how the last series of TOWIE wrapped up.

Whilst it's a shame to see that such an iconic friendship has come to an end, it is nice to see the two are not hurling insults at each other - they seem to be on amicable terms if nothing else.

So maybe this is the best decision for both of them... and who's to say they won't become friends again in the future? Stranger things have happened and it would be a shame to see them fall out like this over a boy.

Whilst both Kelsey and Ella were originally axed from the show following the end of the last series, it has recently been announced that Ella will be returning for the TOWIE Christmas special.

With Ella returning we will hopefully hear more of her side of the story and maybe even see her with her alleged new boyfriend - aka Katie Price's ex.

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