Celebrity Big Brother ROMANCES: the good, the bad and the downright DIRTY

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Big Brother romances

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Let's be honest, Big Brother is nothing without some snogging, arguing, cheating and ahem shower romping.

Over the years we've seen sweet relationships form (hello, Preston and Chantelle Houghton), love triangles get complicated (we're speaking to YOU Lee Ryan, Casey Batchelor and Jazmin Waltz) and regular romping turn into the real deal (dare we remind you of Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell?).

Yep, romance is half the dramz when it comes to CBB and that's why we love it.

So we thought we'd round up all the Big Brother romances - including the good, the bad and the downright ugly - for you to look back fondly at.

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Celebrity Big Brother ROMANCES

Chantelle Houghton and Preston1 of 15
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Chantelle Houghton and Preston

Chantelle and Preston were the original CBB romance. We LOVED seeing 'non-celeb' Chantelle form a relationship with the Ordinary Boys singer. It was so pure, so sweet - no hanky panky in between the sheets (as far as we know). The pair even got married when they left the house. Alas, it wasn't to last forever and they soon divorced. Love is dead. Romance Rating: 9 (for setting the trend for reality TV romances and showing others how lucrative it can be)

Natasha Giggs and Kirk Norcross2 of 15
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Natasha Giggs and Kirk Norcross

Natasha Giggs and Kirk Norcross shared some 'intimate' times in the house, discussing Natasha's boobs and Kirk's genitals. Lovely stuff. Apparently, meeting Kirk in the CBB house made Natasha completely rethink her marriage. That's bad luck then, as nothing really came of their flirtations.Romance Rating: 2 (well we'd hardly call those Jane Austen level declarations of love)

Luisa Zissman and Dappy3 of 15
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Luisa Zissman and Dappy

More of a love/hate relationship here, Luisa Zissman and Dappy would be snogging in the hot tub one minute and shouting at each other in a heated argument the next. Luisa actually later said she just did it for the magazine deals. Romance Rating: 3.5 (at least there was a bit of fiery passion between the pair, right?)

Edele Lynch and George Gilbey4 of 15
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Edele Lynch and George Gilbey

Gogglebox's George Gilbey was something of a Casanova as he first had a bit of a thing for Stephanie Pratt before quickly moving on to B*Witched singer Edele Lynch. After some errr 'dirty' dancing the pair shared a snog in bed. Outside of the house the pair went on holiday to a caravan park (not quite the Maldives but each to their own). Sadly, it turned out Edele wasn't quite ready to move on after her divorce and George had a baby with someone else. Romance Rating: 7 (we love the caravan holiday detail in this love story)

Ginuwine and Ashley James5 of 15
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Ginuwine and Ashley James

Pony singer and dad-of-nine (yes, NINE) Ginuwine and former MIC Ashley James got very close but it wasn't to be in the outside world. Ashley said that she 'couldn't trust him' and it took her a while to 'get over' him. Romance Rating: 5 (it was just a weird coupling from the off, right?)

Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell6 of 15
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Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell

Perhaps the most controversial CBB couple, Stephanie Davis quickly forgot about her boyfriend on the outside after falling for the 'charms' of Jeremy McConnell. Their relationship caused a lot of dramz in the house and it didn't stop when they left. In fact, Jeremy was later convicted for assaulting Stephanie and he refused to accept she was the father of her child until a lie detector proved that he is. Romance Rating: 1 (this is one relationship that should NAT have happened)

Sarah Harding and Chad Johnson7 of 15
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Sarah Harding and Chad Johnson

Nobody saw a romance coming between former Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding and The Bachelorette's Chad Johnson coming in 2017. But after Chad and Sarah racked up a cute friendship, things soon turned into a romance in the house, with the pair getting cosy on a number of occasions. They remained together for a number of weeks after the show ended, but with Chad living in America and Sarah in the UK, things didn't work out. Romance Rating: 5 (for the steamy snogging)

erry Katona and Lucien Laviscount8 of 15
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Kerry Katona and Lucien Laviscount

Another CBB romance NOBODY saw coming was between Kerry Katona and former Waterloo Road star Lucien Laviscount in 2011. Kerry and Lucien seemed very loved-up in the house, sharing a number of cuddles and kisses, but things didn't work out due to their 11-year age difference on the outside world.Romance Rating: 5 (we weren't convinced)

Megan McKenna and Scotty T9 of 15
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Megan McKenna and Scotty T

Despite Stephanie and Jeremy's relationship taking up more or less the whole series in 2016, TOWIE's Megan McKenna and Geordie Shore's Scotty T also got VERY cosy. The reality pair enjoyed a number of steamy kisses in the house, but things didn't go to plan on the outside, with Scotty T blaming distance as the reason for their split. Romance Rating: 6 (we feel bad for Stephanie and Jeremy stealing their thunder)

Lee Ryan and Casey Batchelor (and Jasmine Waltz)10 of 15
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Lee Ryan and Casey Batchelor (and Jasmine Waltz)

The 2014 series of CBB brought with it one of the cringiest love-triangles to date, between Blue singer Lee Ryan, Jasmine Waltz and Casey Bachelor. Lee started off by getting to know Casey, before declaring his 'love' for Jasmine. But when the America model was evicted, Lee jumped back into bed with Casey (leaving viewers fuming). CBB bosses then created MASSIVE drama when they put Jasmine back into the house, resulting in a huge argument between the pair. Despite this, Lee and Jasmine started a relationship and even appeared on the front of a magazine, but things didn't last long when Jasmine accused him of 'cheating'. Romance Rating: 8 (there was a lot of love going around here, which was the problem really)

Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor11 of 15
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Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor

Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson and TOWIE's Lewis Bloor had an instant connection when they appeared on the 2016 series of CBB. Things seemed to be going well for the couple, especially after THAT shower session (eughhh). The pair even moved in together when they left the house. But it all ended in tears when it was revealed that Lewis had cheated on Marnie twice!Romance Rating: 6 (well they def had the hots for each other...at one point, right?)

Basshunter and Katia Ivanova12 of 15
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Basshunter and Katia Ivanova

Katia actually had a boyfriend on the outside, but her head was turned when she met Basshunter, real name Jonas Erik Altberg. Despite the pair enjoying some time together in the house, Katia ended things on the show, calling the DJ 'too clingy'. Romance Rating: 4 (did we care? not really)

Stephen Bear and Chloe Khan13 of 15
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Stephen Bear and Chloe Khan

Despite dating Lillie Lexie Greg at the time, Stephen didn't let that stop him getting cosy with Chloe Khan during the 2016 series, with their fellow housemates complaining at their super raunchy behaviour shudder. Although Lillie entered the house to confront Bear, that didn't stop Chloe waiting for him when he left the house as champion. Despite their whirlwind romance, things soon ended between the pair, with Bear now dating model Ellie O'Donnell.Romance Rating: 9 (it was brilliantly entertaining)

Courtney Act and Andrew Brady14 of 15
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Courtney Act and Andrew Brady

This was more a case of unrequited love. Drag race icon The Apprentice contestant Courtney Act and Andrew Brady formed a very close friendship but it appeared Courtney was more 'into' it. She has since said that she was 'in love' with Andrew.Romance Rating: 6 (because we've ALL been there)

Lauren Goodger and Ricci Guaraccio15 of 15
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Lauren Goodger and Ricci Guaraccio

Lauren Goodger sure knows how to pick 'em. Geordie Shore's Ricci Guarnaccio took a real shining to the TOWIE star and even jokingly proposed to her after two days. The pair got kicked out of the house together in a double eviction. Lauren has since said she really wasn't into it - so much so that she got into a relationship with a jailbird (who she's no longer with, thank goodness). Romance Rating: 4 (she only liked the guy after a few drinks)

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