Davina McCall responds as Brian Dowling slams Big Brother for ‘rewriting history’

This is getting awkward

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Big Brother’s Best Shows Ever has been an absolute godsend during lockdown, reminding us all just how brilliant vintage reality TV is.

And whilst most viewers have nothing but praise for the show, hosted by Davina McCall and Rylan Clarke, a few have tweeted their displeasure at the fact that Brian Dowling has seemingly been missed from the old episodes.

One fan tweeted that Brian’s lack of appearance was strange “considering how loved he is and was on the show”.

brian dowling
Brian in 2012 ©Getty Images

And it seems that Brian himself was just as confused as the fans, replying to the above tweet, "You’re not the only one. Actually, at this stage it’s getting rather funny. People trying to rewrite history."

Whilst we don’t think that that schools will be showing their students past Big Brother episodes any time soon, Brian does have a point.

davina mccall
Davina in 2010 ©Getty Images

But luckily Davina was on hand to get involved in the Twitter action and clear up any misunderstanding. She tweeted, "Just an FYI. We did ask (Brian Dowling) to be part of the show. He was ultimate housemate!!!! That was a no brainer."

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Jackie Stallone1 of 17
CREDIT: Channel 4

Jackie Stallone

Perhaps the greatest entrance into CBB ever, Jackie Stallone was introduced as the queen of the house and iconically announced: "Yeah, I'm Jackie."She then continued to act like royalty by calling Blazin Squad's Kenzie 'the little kid' because she forgot his name, demanding champagne and calling the house 'a dump'. Her presence was hard for Brigitte Neilsen - ex wife of Jackie's son Sylvester Stallone - who nearly walked out on the night Jackie arrived.Jackie also hilariously told Big Brother to 'kiss my ass' in the Diary Room. Jackie: we bow down to you.

Pete Burns Big Brother2 of 17
CREDIT: Channel 4

Pete Burns

Where do we even start with cross-dressing controversial 80s popstar Pete Burns? After boasting about his 'gorilla fur' coat, PETA got involved and made Big Brother confiscate it. Pete's response?: "I want my effing coat back!"It's also fair to say that he despised Jodie Marsh, who he reduced to tears on more than one occasion. He told Big Brother in the Diary Room: "I wouldn't p--s on her if she burst out in flames."OUCH.Pete passed away in 2016.

Jade Goody Big Brother3 of 17
CREDIT: Channel 4

Jade Goody

It was the year of the Big Brother racism row which quickly became political and hit headlines on all the mainstream news channels and papers. Jade Goody, unfortunately, was leader of the pack with Danielle Lloyd and S Club 7's Jo O'Meara. The show received a record number of complaints after the group 'bullied' Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty and did impressions of her accent. Jade was the third to be evicted but because the controversy was so HUGE, no crowd was allowed to be present when she left the house. Jade sadly died of ovarian cancer in 2009, but her death helped raise awareness of smear tests among young women.

Kim Woodburn Big Brother4 of 17
CREDIT: Channel 4

Kim Woodburn

Queen of clean (except from when it comes to what comes out of her mouth) Kim Woodburn made A LOT of enemies in the Big Brother house.She frequently quarrelled with Bianca Gascoigne and Nicola McLean, telling them to shut up and calling them bullies, cowards and bitches. But the BIG argument came when she had to be dragged away by security from Jamie O'Hara while shouting "ADULTERER!". She told Big Brother in the Diary Room that he was the type of scum you wash down the sink. We probably won't be booking her in to clean up our gaff anytime soon, TBH.

Perez Hilton Big Brother5 of 17
CREDIT: Channel 4

Perez Hilton

It takes a big character to get under Katie Hopkins' skin, and Perez Hilton fitted the bill perfectly.He went so far in arguments that he actually cracked Katie and was labelled a 'bully' by viewers. Some of his other attention-seeking moments included threatening Calum Best, comparing the experience in the house to serious illnesses and running around stripping. He clearly LOVED annoying people.

Gemma Collins Big Brother6 of 17
CREDIT: Channel 4

Gemma Collins

Ah, The GC had MANY an outrageous moment during her time in the CBB house. Her biggest feud seemed to be with the Big Brother system, refusing to take part in challenges and telling them she doesn't need the fee money to pay her mortgage ("I'VE GOT MONEY!").Other memorable moments include Gemma thinking she was pregnant, telling Gillian McKeith to F off down the phone and choosing to have a blow dry at the cost of her housemates missing out on hot water for the day.She quickly became a meme icon and reached diva status.

Megan McKenna Big Brother7 of 17
CREDIT: Channel 4

Megan McKenna

Ex On The Beach's Megan McKenna screamed and shouted so much that we very nearly got tinnitus. Her most famous meltdown came when she nearly got into a physical fight with Tiffany Pollard. She also called John Partridge every name under the sun and cried: "I've eaten gruel for that c**t." It's almost admirable (and hilarious) how easily Megan can get hysterical over...well, nothing.

Stephen Bear Big Brother8 of 17
CREDIT: Channel 4

Stephen Bear

The Ex On The Beach star was either loved or loathed.Stephen's most, ahem, 'memorable' moments perhaps took place with romantic interest Chloe Khan. The pair put on quite a show in front of other contestants by dry humping in front of a window, and they made noises we'll never be able to un-hear when they got intimate in the shower. So it was a bit awkward when Stephen's girlfriend came in to confront him...Despite his Marmite character, Stephen went on to win the show.

Stephanie Davis Big Brother9 of 17
CREDIT: Channel 4

Stephanie Davis

Hollyoaks star Stephanie Davis entered the most turbulent relationship EVER (well, probably) when she met Jeremy McConnell in the house. The pair weren't shy around each other and quickly got jiggy in between the sheets. Slight problem: Stephanie was already in a relationship outside the house.Daniella Westbrook and Gemma Collins took particular offence to Stephanie's behaviour, which sparked arguments. In fact, Danielle said: "I'd be happy not to breathe the same air as her again in my life."Oh dear oh dear.

Rodrigo Alves AKA The Human Ken Doll10 of 17
CREDIT: Channel 5

Rodrigo Alves AKA The Human Ken Doll

Rodrigo Alves AKA The Human Ken Doll might have only just entered the CBB house this year (2018), but he has already caused quite a bit of controversy by using the N-word and for asking Married At First Sight star Ben Jardine to expose himself in the bath. He is now on his final warning!

Dan Osborne11 of 17
CREDIT: Channel 5

Dan Osborne

Jacqueline Jossa's estranged husband Dan Osborne has already proved unpopular with his housemates and viewers. Before entering the house, the TOWIE star was accused of having an affair with fellow housemate, Love Island's Gabby Allen. Despite saying these accusations were 'ridiculous', in the house Dan asked Gabby if she wanted a massage - which she promptly declined.

Jo O'Meara12 of 17
CREDIT: Channel 4

Jo O'Meara

S Club's Jo O'Meara was involved in the infamous race row back in 2007 when she joined in and said horrific comments to Shilpa Shetty. However it was during her interview with Davina where she insisted she wasn't racist."Looking at it like that [the clips of her behaviour towards Shilpa in the house], it looks absolutely terrible and it didn't feel terrible in there. "I'm not a racist person at all. My cousin is married to an Indian man for one, and my cousins are half-Indian and their family is with me all the time."Riiight.

Roxanne Pallett13 of 17
CREDIT: Channel 5

Roxanne Pallett

We're still in shock about what happened with Roxanne Pallett; she accused Ryan Thomas of punching her which resulted in the whole house isolating him. However some of the housemates became skeptical about her claims and during an eviction when the audience chanted "get Roxanne out", the truth was exposed. She left the CBB house the following day.

Winston McKenzie14 of 17
CREDIT: Channel 5

Winston McKenzie

Not going to lie we're surprised Winston McKenzie even went into the house because he made homophobic comments before going on the show. However Big Brother then used those comments in a task with the rest of the housemates...

Lee Ryan15 of 17
CREDIT: Channel 5

Lee Ryan

We still cringe over what went down with Lee Ryan. He was in the house and seemed head over heels for Jasmine Waltz but when she was evicted he moved on to Casey Batchelor. However no one was prepared for when Jasmine re-entered the house and confronted him during a task and we'll never forget when Casey's mum told her Lee was "mugging her off".

Christopher Biggins16 of 17
CREDIT: Channel 5

Christopher Biggins

Back in 2016 Christopher Biggins took part in CBB but he was removed from the house after he made homophobic and anti-Semitic comments.

Ken Morley17 of 17
CREDIT: Channel 5

Ken Morley

Ken Morley was another contestant who was removed from the house but this time it was for saying the N-word to housemate Alexander O'Neal.

Davina then went on to explain "We haven’t talked about Brian presenting as this is the Channel 4 years as you have probably noticed. He presented on Channel 5.

"We had Emma and Dermot on as they both worked on Channel 4 Big Brother. We love (Brian Dowling). A lot. We showed him in Big Brother 2."

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Brian, who not only won the second series of the show, as well as Ultimate Big Brother in 2010, and also presented two series of the show when it moved to Channel 5 in 2011, has since responded to Davina’s tweets.

He explained that he actually found out he had been "fired and replaced" from his presenting role by reading about it in the 'papers before going to claim, "And it took the production company a further four weeks to confirm that, without a single thank you or apology, phone call, text, email or even a bunch of flowers or a single question asking how I was."

The TV presenter went on to add, "My whole time on the show as the host was tainted by how I was treated and it still affects me today.

"The same production company asked if I wanted to film a 10 second message on my phone saying 'hello' to you and Rylan. Surprisingly I didn't really feel like doing that."

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