EXCLUSIVE: Amy Childs, ‘Me and Lauren Goodger have been through so much’

TOWIE’s Amy Childs reflects on her teary reunion with Lauren Goodger, as she admits life as a mum-of-four is a stressful juggling act

Amy and Lauren

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Fans of the original TOWIE series will reminisce on the days of Amy Childs “‘vajazzling’ her pals’ ‘noonies’”, whileLauren Goodger veered between trying on wedding dresses and chucking her womanising ex Mark Wright in a swimming pool.

And with this season marking an incredible 14 years since the reality show first hit our screens, filming new scenes together was an emotional experience for old friends Amy and Lauren…

Amy and Lauren
Amy and Lauren in 2011 ©Nicky Harvey / Getty

Reflecting on her on-screen reunion with Lauren, 37, who made her shock return to TOWIE after an incredibly tough year, Amy, 33, tells Closer, “I have been there since day one! Lauren was with me on day one. We sat there the other day – I walked in and I felt really emotional. Me and Lauren have been through so much together.

“There were a few tears and loads of laughter as well. We have put our relationships on the show and our personal lives. Lauren went through a lot and I went through a lot. We’re still the same people, so we were reminiscing. She said, ‘Amy I can’t believe you’ve got four kids.’ And she’s got Larose [her two-year-old daughter]. We’ve got older and hopefully we’ve got wiser!”

junaid Amy Lauren
junaid Amy Lauren ©lime pictures - itv

Mum to Polly, six, with her ex-boyfriend Bradley Wright, and Ritchie, five, with ex Ritchie, Amy welcomed twins Billy and Amelia last March with her fiancé, First Dates star Billy Delbosq. Unsurprisingly, away from filming, Amy admits spare time is a rarity as a mum-of-four balancing her career with an impending house move. But the beauty entrepreneur says she’s happy that her fans get to glimpse the reality of her parenting journey.

She says, “My life has changed with the kids and it’s so nice for the viewers to see a different side of me. Not that I’m just Amy Childs… I am a mum-of-four. Me and Bill are moving house in three weeks’ time! It is full on. They do say it is the most stressful thing moving [and] with the four kids… it is a little bit. I don’t know if I’m coming or going at the minute – I’m all over the place.

“There are two of everything – high chairs, Jumparoos – we have got no room whatsoever. My washing – I am doing four loads a day – all the babygros, hanging it to get it dry. I do think I need a holiday! I literally need to get away!”

And while some stars prefer to keep their children away from the limelight, Amy says she’s grateful that her children appear in the show – even if the babies don’t always play ball!

She laughs, “We are filming the twins’ first birthday…we filmed their cake smash already. When you watch it, it’s carnage – there was cake everywhere! Kids get a bit of cake and then they smash it with their hands. [Amelia] was really moany and crying…she didn’t want to eat the cake. The twins are such a big part of the show and everyone loves them. Most of my scenes are with the twins. Polly filmed yesterday. She loves it and tells all her friends at school.”

On the criticism that the show has received for manufacturing dramas, Amy adds, “It is real life. Yes, they set up scenes but everything is real. This is me. I like going to the clubs and knowing all the goss, but I am a family girl!”

Amy and Harry
Amy and harry are OGs ©itv - lime pictures

Now, as she busily makes plans to celebrate the twins’ birthday with a party, Amy candidly confesses that she’s barely had a minute to reflect on her own upcoming wedding. This month marks a year since Billy popped the question and, despite trying on some dresses with pal Chloe Brockett in an Essex boutique last August, the bride-to-be says there is currently no confirmed date for their big day.

She says, “I said to Bill recently, ‘Are we going to get married?’ Of course we are, but we have got so much going on. It could be next year. I don’t want to be specific, as it could be the year after. At this moment in time there are no plans!

“I’d like to organise it and I think I know where I want to go… but I could change my mind. We need to get the move done and the birthday party and we will look at it next year. I will definitely get a wedding planner.”

As for expanding their family, Amy says she’s very happy with four, but wouldn’t rule out baby number five!

She says, “It feels like yesterday when the twins were born. Where does the time go? I feel really emotional. I don’t think I am going to have any more – four is enough. But never say never! However… at this moment in time, I wouldn’t change it for the world, but it is sometimes a bit overwhelming!”

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