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Leela and Zack Hollyoaks

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It's Tuesday which means a shiny, fresh batch of Hollyoaks spoilers for your eyeballs to enjoy

The Lomax fam take centre stage this week as things hot up for Leela and Zack, while Peri gets her wires crossed and Tegan gets close to Nick. Don't forget to check back here on Friday morning when we have a new batch of Hollyoaks spoilers for you...

1. Leela and Zack are getting close

Leela and Zack Hollyoaks
Leela booty texts Zack (credit: Lime Pictures) ©Lime Pictures

Things are definitely hotting up between this pair (she doesn't do bad for herself, does our Leela?) and when Zack gets a booty text from Leela. He dashes over to the Lomax house, but their passion keeps getting interrupted by baby Daniel (who's Zack's half-brother, don't forget) leaving Zack very frustrated and the fledgling relationship hanging by a thread.

2. Is Zack falling for Peri?

Peri Lomax Hollyoaks
Has Peri got an admirer? (credit: Lime Pictures) ©Lime Pictures

Zack heads back to the Lomax's with a present for Leela - a bracelet with 'Sexy Momma' written on it. The pair make-up but are nearly caught in the act by Peri. Instead she finds the bracelet and thinks Zack's bought it for her. She brags to Yasmine that Zack has given her a gift...can't see this ending well for anyone. Yasmine tells Tom about Zack and Peri, who is left shocked and confronts Zack. Peri has to pull Tom away, leaving Zack confused.

3. Nick cheats on Holly with Tegan!

Tegan and Nick Hollyoaks
Err...what about your girlfriend Nick? (credit: Lime Pictures) ©Lime Pictures

Tut tut - Nick Savage is fast becoming the most unlikeable character in soap. Next week sees him flip out at Yasmine when she offends him. Tegan is left with the job of trying to calm him down. He ends up kissing her - and a bit more - while Holly tells Alfie she's going to defend Nick to the police. Later Tegan spots Holly and Nick looking close...

4. Holly throws a party for Nick

Nick and Holly Hollyoaks
Don't look so happy, Nick (credit: Lime Pictures) ©Lime Pictures

He's probably the least-deserving person in the village to have a surprise party thrown for him, but Holly is determined to cheer Nick up - and celebrate some good news. Nick is horrified by the party and Leela is worried when a scorned Tegan announces she wants to go along...

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