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Louise Sharon Mitchell EastEnders

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Interested in the week ahead in Walford? Then these EastEnders spoilers are just for you

It's the week of Sylvie's funeral and Tina is starting to crumble with the grief. Meanwhile, Martin and Sonia are horrified to discover Louise's part in Bex's bullying - is the friendship over for good? And Linda has sent a new manager to run The Vic while her and Mick are away....can anyone guess who it is?

1. The truth about Bex and Louise comes out

Louise Sharon Mitchell EastEnders
Sharon lets rip at Louise (credit: BBC) ©BBC

Sonia tries to get through to Bex and - after pushing her for information - discovers Louise has been involved in the bullying. Louise is mortified when the truth comes out and Sharon gives her a harsh reality check about her actions. Sharon encourages Bex to apologise but Louise insists it's too late. Later, Michell and Sharon attempt to fix the girls' friendship at the allotments - but can Bex ever accept Louise's apology?

2. It's Sylvie's funeral

Tina Carter EastEnders
Tina is heartbroken at Sylvie's funeral (credit: BBC) ©BBC

An emotional Tina prepares to bury her mother alone - Mick is still away and Shirley has refused to go. She's disappointed to find that only Sonia has turned up to support her. Back at The Vic, Tina is touched to find Sylvie's old friends waiting for her. Meanwhile, Shirley has opened up to the Reverend about why she doesn't feel she can face the funeral, but will she change her mind?

3. A new bar manager arrives

Lee Ryan EastEnders
Oh hi there new person (credit: BBC) ©BBC

The pub's been a bit of a mess without Shirley, Mick or Linda to hold it all together, but don't worry because Linda has hired a bar manager to cover while they're short staffed. He's called Woody...and looks an awful lot like that bloke from Blue. But the remaining Carters aren't impressed at all by his arrival - and make it clear. With a huge challenge thrown at him on his first day in the job, will Woody win them round? And more importantly, will Whitney snog him?

4. Lauren gets an interview

Lauren Branning Steven Beale Eastenders
Lauren has an interview (credit: BBC) ©BBC

Lauren panics when she doesn't hear back from the job she applied for and unwittingly upsets Steven when he suggests they have more children. She finally hears she has an interview and is relieved. Steven treats her to an outfit and a romantic meal out. She bumps into Josh just before the interview and he gives her some words of encouragement. But is all as it seems?

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