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Peter Adam Barlow Coronation Street

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We've got all the Coronation Street gossip you need - contains spoilers. Obviously.

There's another interesting twist in the Who Pushed Ken saga - as someone is arressted, but are the police barking up the wrong tree? Also, Nathan's slippery grip on Bethany gets tighter as he turns on the charm for Sarah. Shona and Gail have a heart to heart and Shona reveals a secret about herself.

1. The police arrest Adam Barlow

Peter Adam Barlow Coronation Street
Adam is arrested for attempted murder (credit: ITV) ©ITV

The Barlows are shocked when Adam is arrested for the attempted murder of Ken. The police reveal they've found Adam's fingerprints on the kitchen worktops which were only fitted the night of his assault. This comes after Adam is suspicious of Tracy and questions Amy about her mum's movements on the night of the attack. And guess who tips the police off about Adam? Yep, it's Amy. The schoolgirl tells Tracy that she reported Adam to the police and Tracy starts to secretly worry that Amy is trying to cover her own tracks? Was Amy the one who attacked Ken? We've been saying it for weeks!

2. Nathan get even more slippery

Sarah Bethany Mel Coronation Street
Sarah isn't happy with Bethany (credit: ITV) ©ITV

Nathan tells Bethany that Craig is obsessed with her after he pops by the tanning shop to see her. He warns her she should keep her distance from her friend. Sarah flips when she discovers Bethany has been bunking off again and storms to the tanning shop, dragging an embarrassed Bethany home. Later, Nathan goes to see Sarah and turns on the charm, promising he only wants what's best for her daughter? Will she be suckered in? Also this week, Nathan sends a raunchy photo of Bethany to one of his friends, who texts back, making his intentions clear. Run away, Bethany!

3. Peter is forced to tell the truth

Torah Peter Coronation Street
Torah won't like what Peter has to say (credit: ITV) ©ITV

Peter Barlow is left in a sticky situation when he and Toyah visit his lawyer (#poems) to talk about the situation with Chloe. Peter is forced to admit that he probably led her on a bit and the truth about the kiss they shared comes out. Will this cause tension in Peter and Toyah's already rocky relationship?

4. Shona is shocked by David's secret

Shona Coronation Street
Shona is shocked by what she hears (credit: ITV) ©ITV

Shona is having a harmless little snoop around the Platts' house when Gail and Sarah return and she's forced to hide under the stairs. She gets more than she bargained for when she hears them talking about David's guilt towards Anna and how his plan to blow up Clayton's prison van could be exposed. Stunned by what she's just heard, Shona come out of her hiding place. Gail begs her not to tell anyone because David didn't mean to hurt Anna. Later, Gail approaches Shona on the Street and they have a heart to heart. Shona says she hasn't been to the police - and then stuns Gail with a secret of her own.

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