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Pierce Rhona Emmerdale

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Emmerdale Spoilers are here - keep reading for all the juicy gossip from the Dales

It's all been about Ashley Thomas on Emmerdale recently (and rightly so, wonderful writing and acting by all) but now it's time for some of the other stories that have been bubbling along to come to the surface. Like Harriet and Cain Dingle! Who saw THAT coming? It's also nearly time for Rhona and Pierce's wedding - we all know she's making a huge mistake, but will she realise before it's too late?

1. Vanessa is onto Pierce

Pierce Rhona Emmerdale
Pierce and Rhona are shocked by a stranger's arrival (credit: ITV) ©ITV

Rhona and Vanessa are still arguing when the week kicks off and Pierce is at the centre of it all. Vanessa is pleased when Rhona asks her to put their troubles behind them and get involved with the wedding. Pierce is still acting oddly and Rhona is shocked when she discovers he appears to be planning on moving to the Lakes. Vanessa spots him with an old uni friend who gives him a note which he discards. She's furious when she reads the content and plays with fire later in the week when she texts the number on it. Rhona has her hen do at the Woolpack but leaves when they play Truth or Dare and the questions upset her. Outside she tells Nicola her reservations about marrying Pierce but Nicola manages to change her mind. Pierce leaves his own stag do due to jealousy and turns up at the pub. Rhona's happy to see him but they're both left stunned when Vanessa walks in with a stranger. Will the stranger put a stop to the wedding?

2. Adam and Victoria get some bad news

Victoria Adam Emmerdale
Bad news for the Bartons (credit: ITV) ©ITV

Diane kindly offers Adam and Victoria money to get fertility tests done privately. Both are a bit unsure but Moira has her hops pinned on a grandchild. At the clinic, the couple are given some bad news and Adam turns to alcohol to drown his sorrows. Will the news put a strain on their relationship? Later in the week, Ronnie is taken aback by Adam's bad mood and encourages him to open up. As Adam pushes him away Ronnie retaliates and Adam falls. Will ronnie comfort a tearful Adam? And what does this mean for Adam and Victoria?

3. Things are hotting up for Harriet and Cain

Cain and Harriet Emmerdale
Such an unlikely couple (credit: Emmerdale) ©ITV

After spending a night in the cells, Cain is furious with Harriet for her betrayal. He tells her that he implicated her in his crime to the police. Terrified, Harriet says she's going to turn herself in, but is Cain bluffing? Later, she tells Cain to stay away from her, but will he listen? More importantly, can she really ignore the sizzling sexual chemistry between them?

4. Chrissie struggles with Lachlan

Lachlan Layla Chrissie Emmerdale
Leyla includes Lachlan in a business deal (credit: ITV) ©ITV

Chrissie is hurt when Lachlan is indifferent towards her, even when she gives him the keys to a Porsche. He continues to be distant and his worried mum gives Leyla a cash incentive to include Lachlan in a business deal, but how will he react if the truth about Chrissie's meddling comes out?

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