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Happy FriYAY Hollyoaks fans. This week we've got four hot spoilers for you. Aren't we lovely?

We love a Hollyoaks FriYAY here at Closer Online because it means we can share even more stories about next week's episodes with you. Today we've got gossip on Bart and Cleo, Warren Fox, Grace & Esther and Adam Rickett makes his 'Oaks debut as Nancy's ex, Kyle. 'Citing, right? Here we go...

1. Cleo tells the McQueens about her and Bart taking heroin

McQueens Hollyoaks
Cleo drops a bombshell at Carmina's christening (credit: Lime Pictures) ©Lime Pictures

It's Carmina's christening day but Cleo is uncomfortable seeing Bart after they took heroin together. When she catches him stealing money out of Carmina's christening cards, she feels sorry for him when he explains he needs one more hit. Bart convinces Cleo to get high with him and they try to sneak out, but Cleo feels too guilty and ends up telling the McQueens everything! Bart tries to make a run for it when Myra calls the police on her own nephew. Bart is shocked when he comes face to face with Warren, who thinks Bart killed his sister, Katy. Bart chooses to be arrested rather than face Warren's anger (well, you would, woudn't you) but Warren asks his solicitor to make sure Bart is released so he can get his revenge.

Nadine Mulkerrin, who plays Cleo McQueen, talks about Cleo’s downward spiral, her grief after Nathan’s death and her new feelings for priest, Joel:“I think Cleo normally has a really good moral compass but lately she’s just getting trapped and hanging round with the wrong people. She idolises Bart and so that’s how she let herself get involved in the drugs. She is also still trying to numb the pain of losing Nathan and Celine.

Hollyoaks Cleo and Bart
Cleo tells the truth about Bart (credit: Lime Pictures) ©Lime Pictures

“[Joel] is unavailable but he is really lovely to her and he’s kind of taken Cleo under his wing to stop her taking heroin – he basically saved her life. So yes I do think she is definitely starting to like him more and more. There’s definitely something brewing.”

2. Grace makes Esther a promise

Esther Hollyoaks
Esther is caught in Liam and Grace's feud (credit: Lime Pictures) ©Lime Pictures

Elsewhere, Grace manages to rescue Esther from Kim's clutches, but makes Grace promise to give up her life of crime if they're going to be a couple. Grace agrees but Esther finds herself caught up in Grace and Liam's feud when she's kidnapped.

3. Adam Rickett arrives as Nancy's ex, Kyle

Darren Kyle Nancy Hollyoaks
Nancy's old flame arrives (credit: Lime Pictures) ©Lime Pictures

Nancy bumps into Kyle at an MS support group, as he is also living with the condition, but she fails to tell her husband, Darren about the reunion. When Darren does find out, Nancy lies that Kyle is happily married, so Darren invites Kyle and his wife over for lunch, but why is Nancy being so secretive?

4. The Loft changes hands

Warren Hollyoaks
Warren gets the loft back (credit: Lime Pictures) ©Lime Pictures

Grace has to give Warren The Loft when a deal goes wrong.

You can catch these episodes from 7pm tonight on E4.

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