Will Shirley Carter face more time behind bars following prison attack?

EastEnders, Shirley Carter

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Will Shirley Carter have her prison time extended after attacking her cell mate?

Things aren't looking good for EastEnder's Shirley Carter. Not only has she just found out her mum Sylvie has died, but she might be facing more time in the slammer after attacking her cellmate.

Bad (girls) times!

Shirls launched an attack on her bunk-buddy after she started moaning about mother's just moments after Shirley had received the news - from her sister Tina - that her own mum was dead. Talk about bad timing.

EastEnders, Shirley Carter
You wouldn't wanna share a sell with Shirley! (Credit: BBC) ©BBC

But while more time behind bars is bad news for Shirley, it's good news for all the EastEnders fans who are enjoying seeing actress Linda Henry back behind bars.

EastEnders viewers were shocked when Shirley Carter was sent to prison after protecting her son, Mick, from the slammer. The pub landlord was facing a stretch inside after failing to come up with the fine money by the deadline. But it was Shirl who stepped up and took the blame for Aunt Babe's boozy breakfast plan - sending herself to jail.

But the real joy for fans came when they began to point out that Shirley should be quite at home in prison. Actress Linda Henry played Yvonne Atkins in prison drama Bad Girls for five seasons.

Linda Henry Shirley Carter EastEnders
Shirl's used to being behind bars (credit: BBC) ©BBC

Even Walford residents Billy and Honey Mitchell made a little in-joke about Shirley's stretch. "She'll be alright, Shirley. She's a tough old bird," Billy remarked before Honey added: "But seriously Billy, I would have thought she would have been inside before."

Fans took to Twitter, gleefully pointing out the parallels.

With other Bad Girls alumni Alison Newman and Kellie Bright on the EE cast list, they're not far off having a full-on Larkhall reunion.

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