3 hot Hollyoaks spoilers to get your Tuesday off to a good start

Adam Rickett Coronation Street

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Hollyoaks fans! Here's three naughty little spoilers to warm you up for next week's episodes

It's an exciting week in Hollyoaks as Adam Rickett makes his debut in Chester. We've been excited about this for actual weeks now. If you were a teen in the late 90s/ early 00s (like us) then you'll know exactly why this is exciting because (like us) you probably had his poster on your wall. Well, Ads is a bit older now - and he's still looking yum. Wonder what his acting is like these days...

1. Nancy bumps into her ex at an MS support group

Adam Rickett Coronation Street
Nancy runs into a familiar face (credit: Lime Pictures) ©Lime Pictures

Courtney encourages Nancy to go to an MS support group but she's shocked when she bumps into her ex, Kyle, who was her first ever boyfriend. As they reminisce about old times, it becomes clear there's still a bit of a spark between them! Nancy feels so guilty that she doesn't tell Darren about her surprise meeting. Well, not immediately. When she eventually 'fesses up, she lies and tells Darren that Kyle is happily married. Will her lie be uncovered when Darren suggests Kyle and his wife come for dinner?

2. Scott goes in search of his biological family

Scott Hollyoaks
Scott has a letter from his real mum (credit: Lime Pictures) ©Lime Pictures

While Scott is desperately searching for his biological mother, Lynette gives him a letter from her. Scott's heartbroken when he reads it and it asks him to never look for her. When he starts obsessing over it, Lynette tries to cheer him up by booking Adam and Jesse to do their hair. Will it work? Meanwhile, Lily sets up a 'Find Scott's Mum' page online, but a sticker on the bottom of the jewellery box points them all in the direction of Crosby. Scott knocks on the door of a house where he knows Maggie used to live and is reluctantly invited in by a woman called Greta.

3. Liam locks Esther up to get back at Grace

Scott Hollyoaks
Liam locks Esther in a container (credit: Lime Pictures) ©Lime Pictures

Liam is still pining for Eva and he gets even angrier when he sees how happy Grace is with Esther. He calls DS Thorpe for an update on his plan for revenge. He heads to the garage to try to find the gun Grace used to shoot him with to use as evidence. Warren catches him and Liam asks for his help. Later, Esther is terrified when a vengeful Liam locks her in a container...and leaves her there.

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