As if?! Nana McQueen is returning to Hollyoaks

Hollyoaks Nana McQueen Cleo McQueen

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Hollyoaks fans will be happy to hear that the lovable Nana McQueen is returning to the show

The last time we saw Nana McQueen was back in February when she attended her granddaughter Celine's funeral. Celine's death came as a shock earlier this year after he body was found in a lake after she was murdered by killer Cameron Campbell.

Nana, departed from the Oaks last year after the actress who plays the infamous character - Diane Langton aged 70 – decided to take a break from the role.

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There's good news for the McQueen family though as Nana is returning and it will be perfect timing for Cleo McQueen who has been keeping her pregnancy a secret.

Viewers are aware that Cleo is expecting her first child with her boyfriend Joe Dexter. Although she's managed to kept it top secret, she soon spills her secret when Nana returns.

Hollyoaks Nana McQueen Cleo McQueen
Nana is set to return to Hollyoaks and help her granddaughter Cleo (Credit: Lime Pictures) ©Lime Picture

The shocking secret is unfolded after both Myra and Nana begin to suspect that her morning sickness is a sign of her heroin withdrawal.

Cleo began taking drugs earlier on this year following the death of her sister Celine and the guy she liked Nathan. She managed to stop but in August she relapsed again.

When the McQueen family begin to suspect something is wrong with Cleo, it's not long before they discover the truth.

Hollyoaks Nana McQueen Cleo McQueen
Nana was last seen in the Oaks when she returned earlier this year with Bart (Credit: Lime Pictures) ©Lime Picture

A Hollyoaks insider explained to the Daily Star: "Nana’s timing couldn’t be better. Myra has been struggling to cope and as everyone knows poor Cleo has been through so much over the last few months.

"Turning to heroin wasn’t the smartest thing she’s ever done and then there’s her relationship with Joel Dexter.

"So when Myra confides in Nana that she thinks Cleo is back on drugs they confront her."

Cleo and Joel are expecting their first child together (Credit: E4/ Hollyoaks) ©E4/ Hollyoaks

They went on to say: "This leads to Cleo breaking down and revealing that she is pregnant with Joel’s baby.

"She once again looks to her aunt and Nana for support after admitting that she doesn’t know what to do.

"It’s going to be an emotional time for everyone."


We can't wait to see what's next.

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