SURPRISE! There’s a new arrival in Hollyoaks and not everyone’s pleased to see them!


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The Donovan brothers are in for a shock when their estranged dad Glenn rolls up in the village.

Brothers Jesse and Adam have got quite a bit going on in their lives right now – you know, things like cancelled weddings, a mum who’s just popped her clogs in suspicious circumstances, brotherly feuds – but hey, they’ve got more surprises coming their way when their estranged dad, Glenn, suddenly decides to show his face in the village.

I'm back! Glenn is reunited with sons Jesse and Adam (Credit: Channel 4) ©Channel 4

Viewers have already seen sinister character Glenn when he made a brief appearance earlier this summer as the unnamed “mystery man”, caught up in shady shenanigans with Adam’s ex, Darcy. The scheming minx was seen calling Glenn to try and help her get out of trouble but he told her in no uncertain terms, never to bother him again and to keep out of his life.

Darcy's not pleased to see Glenn show up (Credit: Channel 4) ©Channel 4

But this week, as the boys prepare to bury their mum Tracey, who drowned in suspicious circumstances, Glenn resurfaces in the village and Darcy for one, is particularly jittery to see him especially as Glenn knows she was caught up in his ex-wife’s death. What else does Glenn know and what secrets is he hiding?

Meanwhile, Jesse and Adam are shocked to see daddy dearest stride into town. He’s not exactly in line to win Father Of The Year having been a love-cheat and a home wrecker. Why has he chosen now to say hello to his sons? Is he just here for Tracey’s funeral or is there much more to this Donovan’s appearance?

What dark secrets does Glenn bring with him (Credit: Channel 4) ©Channel 4


Think you recognise Glenn? Well you’d be right. He’s played by actor Neil Roberts who appeared in Emmerdale last year as DS Jason Wise, the policemen investigating the sexual abuse case against Gorden Livesy, Aaron’s dad. And before that Neil cropped up on the Corrie cobbles as a business associate of Frank Foster – that’s creepy factory boss Frank who raped his fiance Carla. Keep up!

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