What will happen now Cleo McQueen’s pregnant?


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Hollyoaks fans have been left in absolute shock after the revelation that Cleo McQueen is pregnant.

Fans of 18-year-old Cleo could not have been happier when trainee priest Joel decided to leave the church so that they could be together.

After umm-ing and ahh-ing for ages, we were all relieved when those two got together.

Joel then moved in with Cleo's family after they became official, and in Wednesday's episode they made the huge, life-changing decision to volunteer at an orphanage in Tanzania together.

WATCH: The love story so far between Joel and Cleo | E4/ Hollyoaks

Ahh, everything was going so well for the pair.

Until Cleo's best pal Holly Cunningham noticed that she'd been acting a bit weird, and went round to ask her.

And then Cleo revealed that she was PREGNANT.


We're sure they've only been living together five minutes?!

But then we guess they've had a lot of catching up to do, since Joel was a priest and everything...

We've been rooting for these two (Credit: E4/ Hollyoaks) ©E4/ Hollyoaks

Thankfully, we're told that Cleo and Joel decide to have the baby and bring it up together as a family.

But what does that mean for their Tanzania plans?

Will they still go and fulfill their dream, baby in tow?

Or will they put them on hold?

Heck, it's getting RATHER dramatic for these two!

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