Is this how Nick Tisley will leave Corrie?


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We know that Ben Price - AKA Nick Tilsley - is leaving Coronation Street soon... Is this how he's going to go?


Coronation Street fans everywhere were upset to learn earlier this year that Ben Price would be leaving the cobbles in the coming months.

But Ben, who has played Nick Tilsley in the soap since 2009, did not give us any hints whatsoever as to the fate of his character.

However - we have some sneaky pics which may give us a clue...

Ben appeared on This Morning in January to announce that he was stepping down from the role of Nick Tilsley (Credit: ITV)

As we know, the love of Nick's life Leanne, played by Jane Danson, has had a baby with his close pal Steve MacDonald - made even more awful by the fact that Steve's wife Michelle has just had a devastating miscarriage.

And we all know that Nick and Leanne's ex-husband Peter Barlow do not exactly see eye to eye.

So what on EARTH are they all doing together?

Are Peter and Steve there to help Nick? Or are they the reason he's in the water? (Credit: Eamonn and James Clarke) ©Eamonn and James Clarke

Why is Nick in the water looking terrified?

Why are there coastguards trying to save him? (Disclaimer: we're not sure whether they're part of the story or whether they're there to make sure actual Ben doesn't drown).

Are the coastguards part of the drama? (Credit: Eamonn and James Clarke) ©Eamonn and James Clarke

Why is Steve just taking a picture of the unfolding events?!

So many questions, but not many answers...

What is Nick doing in the water?! (Credit: Eamonn and James Clarke) ©Eamonn and James Clarke

The general thinking behind this one is that the lads go for a little beach trip to sort out their differences.

Somewhere along the way, Nick decides to go off for a walk on his own (moody!) and accidentally falls into some quicksand and pulled into the water.

Thankfully, Peter and Steve won't leave him to drown, but will he get out ok? Will there be lasting damage?

Hmm... Watch this space!

What do you think is going to happen to Nick? Will you be watching his demise? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.

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