HELP!! Pete’s life in danger in Emmerdale


by Tess Lamacraft |
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There's panic as the Barton brother is left unconscious…..

Ever since the death of his mum Emma and little brother Finn, Pete Barton has been a man in meltdown.

While he, Ross and Adam all continue to point the finger of blame at eachother, it’s clear Pete is hiding something but what?

Next week, when vicar Harriet suggests it’s time he began to sort out Emma’s funeral arrangements, Pete flips out and is adamant his mum doesn’t even deserve one!

As Pete continues to isolate himself the one person he turns to for support is his ex Leyla. However when it seems as if she’s more interested in another village hunk, (oooh…who could that be?), a desolate Pete turns to booze.

As he holes himself up, knocks back the units and plummets into an even deeper despair, things take a turn for the worse when later, and in a seriously sozzled state, he loses his footing and goes plunging down the stairs.

Coronation Street
The Barton is in a critical condition ©ITV

As Pete lies sprawled unconscious in the hallway it’s Ross who finds him and comes to his rescue.

Brother Ross calls for help ©ITV

Is Pete going to be ok and what exactly is Ross hiding? As he scrambles to help his brother it seems he’s got his own guilty secret to cover up!

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