NEW LOVE? Aaron breaks Robert’s heart in Emmerdale


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Robert is gutted when he catches his ex locking lips with a new man….

“You don’t know what you’ve got until you lose it”….or something like that! Robert really should have tried a little bit harder when it came to his and Aaron’s relationship.

Hopping into bed with Rebecca and getting her pregnant, really wasn’t his greatest move and he’s bitterly regretted his moment of lusty madness ever since.

Especially next week when it looks as if Aaron has finally moved on from their painful split.

Robert, who’s been trying to wheedle his way back into Aaron’s affections is utterly gutted when he catches his ex locking lips with a new man. That’ll teach him!

Liv attempts to play Cupid for her big bro ©ITV

The build up happens when Aaron’s little sis Liv is determined it’s time for her brother to move on from cheating, scheming Robert.

She decides to do a bit of match-making and thinks that handsome doctor Alex, who she recently met when she was being treated in hospital, would make the perfect partner for her brother.

Cheeky Liv feigns an injury hoping that Dr Alex will come to their house but when that doesn’t work out, she’s not giving up easily and secretly sends the doc a message from Aaron’s phone.

Aaron is taken-aback to find Alex on his doorstep and later on, following a heart-to-heart with his mum Chas, he decides it’s time to put Robert well and truly behind him and look to the future.

Aaron and Alex share a kiss ©ITV

He arranges a date with the dishy doc and it’s not long before the two are sharing a passionate kiss. Nice one Aaron!

However, Robert is simmering with jealousy when he walks in just in time to see the two men locking lips. Whoopsie!

Robert is gutted to walk in on Aaron locking lips with a new man ©ITV

Is Aaron really over Robert and will he grab the opportunity to start a new romance with someone who isn’t constantly lying, plotting and getting people pregnant?

And what will jealous Robert’s next move be? Will seeing his ex with another man spur him into action?

Oooh…seems like the messy love life of Robron is going to get even more tangled….

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