YIKES! Robert collapses in Corrie and makes a shock confession

Coronation Street

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Michelle’s horrified when Robert collapses and reveals some shock news….

Since discovering he has testicular cancer, Robert has not only buried his head in the sand but also blown all his cash at a casino.

His other half Michelle, still has no idea that her silver-haired squeeze has gambled away all his hard-earned dosh…but she soon will!

Next week the strain of his diagnosis and his mounting debts sees Robert in dire straits.

His fellow chef, Zeedan is concerned when a meat order arrives at the Bistro and the quality isn’t up to much.

When an irate Robert snaps that he’ll have to make do and cook with whatever he’s given, the fledgling Jamie Oliver is taken aback.

Coronation Street
Robert snaps at chef Zeedan ©ITV

It seems like Robert is keen to save pennies wherever he can even if that means using rubbish ingredients.

Coronation Street
Michelle is worried that Robert's hiding something ©ITV

However his cash crisis and mounting physical pain is clearly getting worse and later on Michelle is worried when her company bank card is refused. However she's got more to contend with when Robert suddenly collapses. Yikes!

Coronation Street
When Robert suddenly collapses, Michelle's in a panic ©ITV

As she rushes to her boyfriend’s aid, Robert, who’s in agony, confesses that there’s something else she needs to know…..he’s also got crippling cash issues.

How will Michelle react when she learns that Rob’s been gambling and lost a small fortune?

Will she stand by her man, or is the stubborn chef’s refusal to face up to his cancer, and reckless behaviour, going to drive long-suffering Michelle away?

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