Emmerdale spoilers: Paddy Kirk caught in moral dilemma

Will he be tempted by Kim Tate's offer?

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The Woolpack is in danger of falling into unscrupulous hands when Marlon Dingle accepts Al Chapman as an investor.

Determined not to let his beloved pub fall to ruin, Paddy Kirk asks Kim Tate for a loan - but Kim isn't giving her money away without something in return and soon Paddy is left in a difficult position when she asks him to dope her racehorse for her.

Emmerdale PC Swirling
PC Swirling arrives to investigate the break in ©ITV

Later The Woolie is forced to close early due to electrical issues and Charity Dingle ends up in hospital after an intruder breaks into the empty pub.

Elsewhere, Gabby Thomas is desperate to start a new life with Jamie Tate and wants to elope, but Jamie's heart isn't in it and he pays a visit to Dawn Taylor.

As Gabby waits on a remote country lane for Jamie to show up, will she get the picture?

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Emmerdale Monday 20 - Friday 24 September

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The week begins with Marlon, backed into a corner, agreeing to not only accept Al as an investor in the Woolie, but he offers to sell his entire stake. Paddy is deeply concerned by the development and resolves to find a solution.

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Swallowing his pride, Paddy pays a visit to Kim to ask for a loan. However Kim wants Paddy to dope her horse before an important upcoming race to ensure it wins, before she'll hand over the cash.

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Later that evening the electricity cuts out at the pub and Chas and Marlon are forced to close early. A hooded figure breaks in and when Charity arrives on the scene, she's knocked unconscious in a pool of blood.

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Later that week, Kim is pleases as punch when her horse wins its race and meets with Paddy in a layby to hand over a fat envelope of cash. With the job completed, Kim wants to know if Paddy would be interested in making it a regular deal.

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PC Swirling arrives in Emmerdale to investigate the break in as Chas hopes for Charity's recovery from a bleed on the brain. Talking with the residents, it's not long before PC Swirling becomes suspicious...

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Elsewhere, Gabby wants to elope with Jamie but Jamie has other ideas when he pays a visit to Dawn to once again try and talk her round. As he tempts her with talk of running away from all their problems together, Dawn softens.

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On the country lane where they'd agreed to meet, Gabby waits anxiously for Jamie. Soon Diane and Kim arrive to plead with her not to throw her life away on a man who doesn't love her, but Gabby isn't convinced.

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Diane meets up with the date she met online but is put out when he's more interested in his puzzle than her. Luckily Rodney's on hand to save the day.

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But before all that, here's everything coming up this week on Emmerdale...

For months, poor April Windsor has been the victim of cruel trolling online about her mother.

But while viewers have known for a while that April's friend, Cathy Hope, is behind the account, this week sees the culprit's guilt overwhelms her and Cathy come clean to April.

Diane Emmerdale
Diane is dissappointed by her date ©ITV


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While April is hurt, Rhona Goskirk is furious and Marlon Dingle has some harsh words for Bob Hope.

Elsewhere, Al Chapman sets himself up to take credit for Ellis Chapman and Priya Sharma's idea, but Kim Tate isn't falling for it.

Matty Barton agrees to help out with the Woolie barbecue but disaster strikes over a fault with the grill and Marlon and Chas Dingle worry he will sue.

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