Coronation Street: Tyrone Dobbs’ major U-turn

What will Alina Popp have to say?

Tyrone Dobbs

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Tyrone Dobbs is struggling to feign enthusiasm as Alina Popp excitedly plans their big Romanian wedding.

After he finally admits to himself - and to her - that he wants to get back together with Fiz Brown, how will Alina react?

And how will Fiz handle the news, given she's happy with new beau Phill?

Tyrone Dobbs Corrie
Tyrone is publicly shamed ©ITV

Elsewhere Daniel Osborne prepares for his first day at his new job but is quickly disheartened when Max Turner makes it clear that he's not about to make Daniel's life easy and couldn't care less about school.

Rita Sullivan and Audrey Roberts are devastated to learn from Freda Burgess that Norris Cole has suffered a fatal stroke, and there's a familiar face back in Weatherfield.

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Corrie spoilers Monday 13 - Friday 17 September

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Alina is excitedly making plans for her huge Romanian wedding but Tyrone is distracted by his family problems. Crossing paths with Fiz, he blurts out that he misses her and the girls and that his engagement to Alina was a mistake.

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Ken couldn't be more proud as his son Daniel heads off to his first day teaching, but Daniel soon realises he's not in for an easy ride when David's son Max makes clear he's not about to show him any respect and couldn't care less about school.

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With James still unable to return to football, Craig assures him he's asked to be re-interviewed about the day of the incident. In the interview room, Craig attests that James and Micheal hadn't been aggressive and that there was nothing wrong with his driving - but is it too little, too late?

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Tyrone bites the bullet and tells Alina that he's made a mistake and wants to be with Fiz. Meanwhile, Hope lets slip to Alina that the fire wasn't the first she'd started. A hurt Alina dumps their couples portrait in the street with the word 'LIAR' scribbled across Tyrone's forehead.

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Elsewhere, Fiz comes clean to Phill about the kiss she shared with Tyrone, but admits that it's made her realise she's no longer got feelings for Tyrone. Phill is relieved and the two head off together arm in arm, watched by Tyrone.

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Seething with jealousy over Fiz and Phill's relationship, Tyrone seizes his opportunity when Phill drops his car into the garage for a service. Finding a crumpled up piece of paper with the name 'Brigitte' and a phone number.

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After Norris Cole's sudden death, Rita, Audrey and Freda put his funeral plans into action but Gemma is torn when she realises the date clashes with Aled's cochlear implant operation.

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Alya takes a call from the bank and is confused how Yasmeen has cleared their joint account. It's only after she hangs up that she realises it was a scam call and she's handed them all the details! Soon a saviour arrives in the form of Zeedan who offers to transfer £50k to cover their losses.

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But before all that, here's everything that happened last week on Corrie...

It was the week of Seb Franklin's trial and after months of trying desperately to remember the events from the night of his death, Nina Lucas's memories are finally triggered when she retraced her steps from the night.

Alya Nazir Corrie
Alya finds herself in financial trouble ©ITV


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But while all became clear, when Nina went on the stand in the court room - viewers were left wondering whether her version of events would stand up to a cross examination.

Meanwhile Corey Brent reflected on the night from his cell while his lawyer Sabeen was convinced he was telling the truth.

The next day Corey took the stand and lied through his teeth that Kelly Neelan killed Seb.

Elsewhere, Emma Brooks was upset that Curtis won't open up about his health issues and Todd Grimshaw stole Phelan's ashes.

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