EastEnders spoilers: an explosion goes off – but who’s in danger?

There's a few residents trapped

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Janine Butcher has only just returned to EastEnders but she's already caused a lot of drama and next week she finds herself trapped alongside Scarlett and Tommy Moon in the Mitchell house.

It all begins with Janine finding Scarlett with her brother Tommy, but when he locks the door and throws the key away - they're trapped in the burning house...

Meanwhile, Phil wakes up to flames surrounding him and he begins to struggle to breathe.

When Kheerat Panesar and Gray Atkins spot the fire at Phil's house they rush over but before long an explosion goes off - will they make it out alive?

Elsewhere in Walford Jean Slater is taken in by the police over a possible drug offence, Linda Carter's water breaks and Tiffany Butcher gives Sonia Fowler an ultimatum.

EastEnders spoilers: Monday 13 – Friday 17 September 2021


EastEnders spoilers: an explosion goes off - but who's in danger?

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After Janine finds Scarlett with Tommy in his bedroom, Tommy locks the door and throws away the key. It's not long before the fire begins to spread and they all begin to panic.

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When Kheerat and Gray spot the fire, they rush inside the house trying to save their neighbours. Elsewhere, Phil wakes up and struggles to breathe with all the smoke and before long, an explosion goes off...

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Linda begins to experience contractions in The Vic while Jack is asking about the paternity of the baby. At first she continues to deny Max Branning is baby's dad but shortly after her waters break.

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Jean isn't having the best week and it begins with the police taking her down to the station over a possible drug offence. Meanwhile Martin Fowler is furious with Ruby Allen and secretly visits Stacey Slater in prison...

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Ruby takes a pregnancy test and when she spots the results, she wells up. Later, Martin confronts his wife over all her lies and Ruby finally comes clean - she sent Stacey to prison.

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Tiffany is furious that Dotty Cotton is wearing her top, so she gives Sonia an ultimatum - it's her or Dotty. Later, Tiff, Dotty and Sonia go to a boxercise class to let off some steam but when it's time to get in pairs, Tiff immediately approaches Dot - it's game on.

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Rainie Highway is agitated while she waits for Bernie Taylor to go to a scan. Later on Stuart, Bernie and Vi are excited over the baby scan but something is up with Rainie as she storms off...

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Before any of the above, here's everything that will happen on EastEnders this week...

Tommy Moon continues to try and convince his mum Kat Slater to look after Scarlett - however he's unaware that she's his sister.

When Tommy manages to persuade his mum, Kat tells the social worker that she wants to become Scarlett's carer.

While this is going on, Janine Butcher is actually scheming her way back into Walford and when she bumps into Kat - it's not long before they're arguing.

By the end of the week, Scarlett has gone missing - who will find her first?

Meanwhile Jean Slater plans to tell Martin Fowler about Ruby Allen's involvement in Stacey Slater's arrest, Shirley Carter receives a text from Tina and Rainie Highway is left feeling suspicious of Linda Carter.

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