Emmerdale: Cathy Hope comes clean about her trolling

Leaving April Windsor devastated

April Dingle Cathy Hope

by Marianna Manson |

For months, poor April Windsor has been the victim of cruel trolling online about her mother.

But while viewers have known for a while that April's friend, Cathy Hope, is behind the account, this week sees her guilt overwhelm her and Cathy come clean to April.

While April is hurt, Rhona Goskirk is furious and Marlon Dingle has some harsh words for Bob Hope.

Brenda Windsor Emmerdale
Rhona and Brenda have an altercation ©ITV

Elsewhere, Al Chapman sets himself up to take credit for Ellis Chapman and Priya Sharma's idea, but Kim Tate isn't falling for it.

Matty Barton agrees to help out with the Woolie barbecue but disaster strikes over a fault with the grill and Marlon and Chas Dingle worry he will sue.

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Emmerdale spoilers Monday 13 - 17 September

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April is distraught when she receives another barrage of abuse on social media and leans on Cathy for support. When April doesn't turn up to school the next day, Cathy and Heath are consumed by guilt.

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At the Woolpack, Al suggests to Priya and Ellis that they all join forces to organise a massive boot camp-style survival challenge at HOP.

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Intrigued by the idea, Priya tells Ellis that he should pitch the idea to Kim as soon as possible so that Al doesn't get away with taking all the credit.

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Realising that she needs to come clean to her friend, Cathy breaks down and admits that she's the one who's been trolling April, leaving April incredulous. As April storms off, Cathy worries about the consequences of her actions.

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April tells Rhona about Cathy's confession and Bob panics when he realises Cathy's gone missing overnight. Spotting Cathy in the street Rhona makes a grab for her but is intercepted by Brenda, with the two women descending into a scuffle.

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Meanwhile Marlon ropes Matty into helping with the Woolie BBQ, promising cash-in-hand payment. Smug about the easy money, Matty squirts lighter fluid on the coals but a fault results in a fireball launching upwards and engulfing Matty's hands.

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Chas is terrified that Matty might decided to sue and Moira points out that he's entitles to compensation for his injury which will mean he's unable to work.

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Bob feels terrible about Cathy and tries to confide in Marlon but it's clear Marlon isn't feeling charitable as he lays into Bob, their family rift seeming irreparable.

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But before all this, let's recap on what happened on Emmerdale last week...

Tracy Metcalfe has been struggling with her mental health since welcoming baby Frankie into the world earlier this year.

But things escalated when Tracy left home and while Nate Robinson was left concerned about her whereabouts, Faith Dingle had a hunch over where she might be.

Marlon Dingle Emmerdale
Disaster strikes at the Woolie BBQ ©ITV


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Meena Jutla stepped up her campaign of terror against Victoria Sugden when she broke into her home.

An eerily calm Meena was ready to get violent but Victoria managed to avoid getting hurt.

Ethan Anderson was concerned for his health when his one night stand, Eddy, told him he tested positive for HIV.

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