DESPERATE MUM Moira turns to DRUGS in Emmerdale!


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The frazzled new mum takes desperate action as she struggles to cope…

Poor Moira is in a right old state next week. Not only is she massively sleep-deprived, but her baby Isaac is spending most of his waking hours crying for England.

It’s no wonder she’s struggling to cope with life as a single, not to mention - unexpected - new mum!

She is a woman on the edge and next week things get even tougher when she takes Isaac for a routine clinic appointment with Cain and is told the little tot has a hole in his heart. Already in a depressed state, a beaten-down Moira immediately blames herself!

Moira and Cain take baby Isaac for a check-up ©ITV

“She did stuff she shouldn’t have done when she was pregnant”, says Natalie J Robb who plays the frazzled farmer. “She did lots of heavy lifting and had alcohol in her system.” (Mmm yes…remember Moira’s hitting- the- bottle phase?)

Despite Cain doing his best to reassure Moira that she’s done nothing wrong and to not be so hard on herself, his ex can see no light at the end of the tunnel and she later pays her doctor a visit, desperate to be prescribed some sleeping pills.

Moira's devasted when she's told Isaac has a heart condition ©ITV

However when Dr Cavanagh tells her he can’t give her any medication because she’s breast-feeding, Moira is soon hunting round her own home for pain-killers when she suddenly stumbles across her late daughter Holly’s mobile phone.

The mum, who was left utterly bereft when her daughter died from a drug overdose last year, switches on the phone and immediately notices a text message from Holly’s drug-dealer Simon. Uh oh….you can see where this is headed!

Moira contacts her daughter's drug dealer, Simon ©ITV

Sure enough it’s not long before the desperate farmer decides to give Simon a call.

“She hates him”, says Natalie, “But sleep deprivation has pushed her to the edge and she isn’t thinking straight.”

Moira's full of self-loathing as she makes a dangerous decision ©ITV

Guilty Moira makes a plan to meet up with dealer Simon who hands over his dodgy wares as she sits in her Land Rover.

Later on, and torn over whether or not to take the pills, Moira goes to Holly’s grave-side. If Holly's grave isn't a stark warning of what could happen when people and drugs mix, then we don't know what is!

What will the worn-out mum decide to do? And is she about to make a decision she will bitterly regret?

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