UNITED! Lauren and Josh KISS and plot REVENGE in EastEnders


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The pair pucker up and are soon plotting to bring down Willmott-Brown!

Lauren is a woman on a mission next week. Not only does she finally get her act together and kiss her colleague Josh who she’s been fluttering her eye lashes at for ooooh.....an eternity….she also teams up with him to plot against his scheming scum-bag dad: Willmott-Brown.

Things kick off next week when the Walford locals are up in arms over the prospect of Albert Square being redeveloped to house wealthy Londoners.

Fi and WB are fuming when the press launch descends into chaos ©BBC

Having seen his dad’s true colours, Josh decides to team up with Lauren to expose his father’s underhand plotting.

Aware that all the evidence he needs is on daddy dearest’s computer, he comes up with a plan to get his mitts on the incriminating documents while Lauren distracts everyone by causing mayhem at the press launch being held by Willmott-Brown and his daughter Fi.

Lauren and Fi go head to head ©BBC

Fi and her smarmy dad are fuming when Max's daughter chains herself to the doors of the Community Centre where the launch is taking place, and causes chaos by staging a one-woman protest.

Lauren waits anxiously to see if Josh's plan to steal the files has worked ©BBC

Meanwhile, amid the mayhem, Josh sneaks into his dad’s office to steal the all-important files.

Can Josh find the incriminating evidence on his dad's computer? ©BBC

Will the pair’s plan work? It certainly looks as if they’re in the mood for celebrating when they later pucker up for passionate kiss. FINALLY!

Meanwhile, Josh tries to convince his sister Fi that their greedy dad has got a very sinister side to him, although if she hasn’t worked that out by now, we’re not holding out much hope!

Will Josh and Lauren be the ruin of the odious Willmott-Brown or is someone else going to get in there first?

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