The wait is over: Emma’s killer FINALLY REVEALED in Emmerdale!


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The killer culprit will be revealed during special flashback scenes….

We’re bracing ourselves as Emma’s killer is finally revealed next week! Halleluiah! There have been enough red herrings tossed into the mix to keep a supermarket fish counter in business for a year!

It’s been one almighty build up with seven suspects in the frame including Emma’s sons Pete and Ross, Moira, Adam, Gabby, Cain and even Laurel in the frame. But all will become clear during special flash back scenes next Thursday that show EXACTLY what happened on the day that Emma plunged to her death from the bridge.

The tension ramps up next week just as the twisted nurse’s funeral gets underway. As Harriet prepares the service she’s not sure anyone is actually going to turn up at the church…it’s fair to say Emma wasn’t exactly Mrs Popular.

But Pete isn 't sticking around for his mum's service ©ITV

Having told Harriet not to even bother with a funeral for his mum, Pete eventually shows his face, but is jittery and beats a very hasty (and suspicious) exit.

Meanwhile Victoria is starting to have serious doubts about her other half Adam.

He assures her he’s got rid of Emma’s suicide note that was found in his car, but when Vic catches him making an anonymous phone call to the cops telling them that Ross was the killer, she’s starts to panic that her hubby's been lying to her all along…ahem…

Adam makes an anonymous phone call to the cops ©ITV

Meanwhile Ross is in a spin when the police turn up and tell them they have a warrant to search his property and Laurel is also rattled when litt’luns Arthur and Elliot reveal they found a tyre buried in the woods.

The police rock up at Ross's ©ITV

A worried Laurel decides to inform the police of the discovery but is soon wishing she hadn’t when they bring her in for questioning and present her with an incriminating photo. Yikes…what have they got on her?

Ross is on edge when the police want to search his home ©ITV

So which one of this guilty lot has been covering all along? Who is telling the truth and who has been layering on the lies and deception?

Laurel is taken in for questioning ©ITV

All is about to be revealed and one person is going to find themselves finally unmasked as Emma’s killer and facing a very long stretch behind bars…..BRING IT ON!

See the killer revealed on Thursday 14 December, ITV

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