FIGHT! Ches left bloodied after spat with LOVE RIVAL Daniel in Corrie

Coronation Street

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Jealous Ches goads Daniel but has he gone too far this time?....

When did Ches turn into such a devious schemer!? He’s already shown he’s keen to put as much distance between Sinead and her ex Daniel as possible, but next week he goes to huge lengths to not only rub Daniel’s face in it but to also paint him as the bad guy!

The week begins with Ches deciding to make things official with Sinead when he surprises her by proposing in the Bistro! Yes, that’s the Bistro where her ex Daniel just happens to be working as a waiter. Hmm. Talk about awkward.

Coronation Street
Ches treats Sinead to a slap up meal in the Bistro ©ITV

A forlorn Daniel looks on from afar as Sinead finds an engagement ring bobbing about in her champagne glass (Zero points for originality Ches!).

Coronation Street
Sinead's stunned when she finds an engagement ring in her glass ©ITV

When Sinead says, ‘Yes’, Ches is delighted not least because he’s scored one over on Ken’s gutted son.

Coronation Street
Poor Daniel's heart is breaking when Sinead agrees to be Ches's wife ©ITV

A slightly mortified Sinead can’t help but feel embarrassed by the whole cringey scenario and later apologises to Daniel for Ches’s insensitivity in popping the question right under his nose. However Ches is simmering when he catches his fiancée sucking up to Daniel and suddenly doubles over clutching his stomach. Why the sudden drama?

Coronation Street
Ches and Sinead rush home when Ches has a sudden attack of food poisoning ©ITV

“He fakes food poisoning”, says Sam Aston who plays him. “His goal is to get Daniel in trouble and for Sinead to see him as this crazy guy.”

Coronation Street
Hmm...a very sudden attack indeed. ©ITV

Whooa! Naughty Chesney! As he and Sinead beat a hasty retreat home and Ches continues to dangle his head over a bucket pretending he’s at death’s door, sure enough, Sinead starts to wonder if Daniel might have deliberately poisoned her ginger-squeeze.

But there’s worse to come. Later on a scheming Ches plays hardball and tells Daniel’s boss, Robert, that he needs to sack his waiter or he’ll go to the press about being deliberately poisoned! Like we said…when did Ches get SO NASTY?

A fuming Daniel can’t believe what’s going on and later squares up to his rival and tells him that it’s obvious that deep down Sinead is still in love with him and Ches will always be second best. OUCH!

Coronation Street
Love rivals Ches and Daniel go head to head and a brick is involved! ©ITV

With jealous Ches on the back foot things get heated and he suddenly picks up a brick. YIKES. Is he going to hurl it at Daniel?

Coronation Street
A jealous Ches's blood is boiling when Daniel delivers some home truths ©ITV

However, it’s Chesney, not Daniel, who is left bloodied and battered. Sinead is horrified when she finds the pair and her other half accuses her ex, (who has form for violence), of attacking him.

Coronation Street
Sinead's appalled to see her other half bleeding! ©ITV

But has the volatile Barlow really walloped Ches? Or is there more to this latest bloody spat than meets the eye?

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