TURMOIL! Killer mum Moira in NEW NIGHTMARE!


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As the guilt over Emma’s death consumes her, there’s fresh tragedy heading Moira’s way

New mum Moira is rapidly crumbling under the massive guilt she feels for shoving Emma Barton to her death.

She’s already confided in her former hubby, Cain, but is she about to crack and confess all to Emma’s sons Pete and Ross?

Next week the mentally-fragile farmer is overwhelmed with guilt for Emma’s demise and on the spur of the moment makes a generous offer to her grieving nephews.

Not only does she offer Ross a job on the farm but she also insists the Barton brothers have shares in the land and the holdings.

The boys are taken aback by Aunty Moira’s offer, meanwhile Cain is worried that her generous gestures are going to arouse suspicion and warns his ex she needs to calm down or risk being rumbled.

DS Benton has some devastating news for Moira ©ITV

However, there’s no respite for killer Moira and things are going to get a whole heap more tense when the police come a-knocking at her door.

The broken mum is left reeling when DS Benton delivers some shattering news. Does it involve her son Adam?

How much longer can Moira keep quiet about Emma's murder ©ITV

Moira is reeling from the latest revelation and prays that there has been some kind of mistake but it’s not looking good.

Is time running out for killer Moira and is it only a matter of days before her true crime comes to light?

Natalie J Robb who plays the guilty farmer says, “There are a lot more twists and turns to come!” REALLY? We’re not sure how many more we can take!

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